Laughter is the Best Medicine

44 thoughts on “Matthew Macfadyen Laughing moments

  1. Matthew's characters are always so serious, his mouth is sexy at all times, but his smile & when he laughs makes me smile & laugh & makes me like him all the more. His wife is so lucky! 💗

  2. Amor mió tú no te das una idea de cuánto te amo…Usted ah despertado un sentimiento dormido donde mis deseos son fuerte por usted. Lo amo desde el primer momento que he visto el señor Darcy. Esos ojos esa forma de mirar por dios usted ah ganado mi corazón!!!

  3. Mr. Darcy bring me here.. lol, your smile, your eyes. your voice bewitched my body, soul..and I love you, always happy..

  4. oh..okay I'm sorry😌your name sounds so german😉.My english isn' t so good. Where you have this video? That scenes must be from rehearsals.That is why Im asking you for a version with the laughing of the three guys. 👱

  5. do exist this video with the original voices too? Where can I find it, if ?
    thx for this clip. Its my alltime favorite

  6. Mr. David Matthew!
    You have bewitched me, body and soul….
    Watching "Pride&Prejudice" you gave me so much good impressions like nobody before.
    I wish you all the best in your career and happiness in private life. Thanks!!!

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