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24 thoughts on “Maya the Bee 2012 Theme Song || One-Line Multilanguage (Requested)

  1. Arabic (v1) – Pretty good. Back vocals could use some work, though.
    Arabic (v2) – Better main voice, at least. Back vocals are still dissapointing.
    Arabic (v3) – Main voice is pretty good. Somehow they made back vocals worse here.
    Basque – First part isn't too good. The second part is a bit better, but not by much.
    Brazilian Portuguese – Voice is too cutesy for my tastes. Some parts are better than others, but decent version.
    Bulgarian – Nope. Awful voice over, voice doesn't fit, just nope.
    Castilian Spanish – Pretty good, but it's got that dramatic and hard-working tone that's a bit too much.
    Croatian – I love it. Amazing work, Croatia.
    Czech (ACTUALLY SLOVAK) – Pretty good. Voice is a bit weak, but it's got a tone to it that I like.
    Danish – Grating voice, but it's in sync and they try. Pretty good, just needs a better voice.
    Dutch (Netherlands) – Once again, pretty good. Just it's the overbearing accent that puts me off.
    English (UK) – I love it. Nice and fitting voice that stays in sync, and actually sounds great.
    English (US) – Would be better if the voice wasn't so adult. It's not good, it sounds wrong.
    European Portuguese (v1) – Good voice and stays in sync. Just wish it would rhyme.
    European Portuguese (v2) – Voice here tries harder than the first version. It sounds better, I would say. Nice job with both versions, Portugal.
    Finnish – Average. Good voice, but it's just average for me.
    Dutch (Belgium) – Good. Really, the only thing I can say here is that the Netherlands version is better.
    French – Odd instrumental, but the voice is pretty good and in sync. It's just that accent, though.
    Galician – I can't tell if I like it or not. It's average, on the middle, not much to it.
    German – Pretty good, too. Just good. (PS – You forgot the televised German version.)
    Greek – Grating voice, not too good. Pretty much all to it.
    Hebrew – Not amazing, but not good either. I guess it's great. Just wish the voice was stronger.
    Hindi – Ew. Nope, too much autotune, too high pitched, awful.
    Hungarian – Great version. I love it, one of my favorites.
    Irish – Good version, but the quality is awful.
    Italian (v1) – Love it, but the voice is a bit too adult for my tastes.
    Italian (v2) – Despite the compression, this is the ideal Italian version for me. Amazing voice, amazing instrumental, it all comes together.
    Kazakh – Sounds too cutesy and young. It would fit better as like, a Korean version.
    Korean – Basically Kazakh v2. Even the voices are similar.
    Latin American Spanish – I don't know why, but I don't like this version. Voice sounds grating and too cutesy, just don't like it.
    Latvian – AMAZING VERSION. Probably my favorite version, sucks the show itself is voiceovered. Could have been a great dub.
    Lithuanian – Basically Latvian if it was voiceovered. Same as Bulgarian, next.
    Macedonian – Quality isn't too good, and even then, the voice isn't good. It's just not good, that's all I have to say.
    Polish (v1) – Amazing. Could do without the autotune, but it's very good.
    Polish (v2) – I don't like this version as much, but still a version that is great and stands on it's own.
    Romanian (combining, basically the same thing) – Pretty good. The edited one with the official version sounds better to me, but both versions are pretty good.
    Russian (season 1) – I really like this version, but it's very basic and not really anything else to put here.
    Serbian – Croatian but if it were better. Voice fits more, and it beats out Croatian.
    Slovak (ACTUALLY CZECH) – As standard for a Czech dub, it's not that good. Also, what's with the weird echo?
    Slovene – I can't stand this version. Far too cutesy and high pitched, like it was edited to sound that way.
    Swedish – Voice is a bit weak, but otherwise this is a great version.
    Turkish – Not good. Why is it that there are absolutely no back vocals here?
    Ukrainian – Awful. Sounds like a voice over, but without the "over".
    Catalan – I really like this version, too! Iberia did a great job with themes!
    European Spanish, v1 – I find this version better than the second one, actually.
    European Portuguese, v3 – I love this. Better than the other 2 versions, nice voice that fits. Can't believe this was only for the movie.
    Icelandic – Ah yes, the elusive Icelandic version. Existed for a while, but never released until now. Now that it's been released, I can say it's great too! Too much autotune, but that's all.
    Italian, v2 (HIGHER QUALITY) – Now that it's avaliable in better quality, I can say that it's still an amazing version all around! Nice job, Italy!
    Tamil – I really like it, but there's something bad to it I can't realize. Other than that, though, amazing work!
    Turkish, v2 – This voice is more fitting, back vocals have been added, it still rhymes… Definitely better than the first one!

  2. they called here zenab in Arabic
    And why in the world the world did they put a text-to-speech voice to dub the show?

  3. In 25:24 when you pause it it looks like Maya will beat you UP but actually started day by Close eyes and then

  4. I think to see the Chinese Version the subitles cannot be seen and Why is Chinese also by a Chinese Channel?

  5. Hebrew (Alternative):

  6. Wow, Latvia actually dubbed something for once, it sucks that they didn't dub it in Lithuanian.

  7. That’s quite of bit of bees this time. Even Irish, Macedonian, and Kazahk versions?

    (And of course Italy makes their own version)

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