Laughter is the Best Medicine

Mayookham Malayalam Movie Full Comedy Scenes | Nedumudi venu |  Kalabhavan mani | Mayookam Comedy

Where is leader going? The committee is at eleven!
It’s already delayed. Wait!
We are also to the other side ! Get in fast. Go to the front and hurry up! What are your party’s next decisions? We will take up some
important resolutions today. Don’t talk politics inside this. Go away.
I will talk wherever I want to. I am on my way.
You can start the meeting. I am in the water now. I am in the middle of the river! Let me reach the shore! Do you know swimming, sir? If I say no, will you teach me that? In case this boat capsizes by mistake
what will you do then? I mean by mistake. We will swim up and reach the shore. What will you do to save yourself? Sir will have to drink the water!
Is it not sir? Sit there.
The boat will capsize! Ask him to sit there. Push him off from it.
Don’t be playful. Listen to what I say. – I don’t know to swim!
– We will teach you now. Push off the leader! Save me! Save me! Run away. Come fast. My dhoti! What non sense they have done! A thorn! Move away!
Don’t kill me. I told you not to talk
politics in the boat. How is it now? Ananthan! What? Dog! A dog there. Look down! Dog? Take it away and tie
it somewhere. Don’t you know dog is allergic for me? If you ask me….. I didn’t ask you!
Answer only when I ask you. Stop you dog!
Where are you running away? Come here. Stop there dog. What did you call it?
A dog? Is it not a dog then?
Is it a rabbit? Seems it is not like that. It has a nice name!
It is Jooly! Call it by that name, ok? Chooli! It’s not Chooli!
It is Jooly! – Is it? I understand now.
– Have you given it milk? – I gave it.
– At what time? At four o’ clock! – Biscuits?
– I gave that too! – At what time?
– At six o’ clock! – How many you gave?
– Four of them! I told you to give only two! I gave two more on my behalf.
It ate them! Give it only when I say
at the right time and right ones. – Understand?
– I will say it is right if you ask me. Adiodi!Arrange a cage
for it and keep it outside. You give the food for it there.
Take it away. I won’t allow for it.
It is not the kind to be caged in. This has to be inside the house. I know it,
but I will not allow it inside. I am allergic to these dogs! It is very intelligent! Don’t make it annoyed. What is your argument about? I was telling her that I will
not allow this dog inside the house. Is that all? She loves Jooly very much. That’s why we have brought it with us. – Let her keep it as a pastime!
– If you ask me I would say it is right. I didn’t ask you!
Answer only when asked. I want everything to my order! You have to obey me in that
or else I will be annoyed. Devu! What? What is this? Don’t you know it is the tea cup?
I didn’t ask you that. I asked you who have kept it there. It is my dad, uncle! Were it you? You have to clean the
cup after you had tea… and keep it in the shelf
That is good manners! That’s why the servants are being paid. Uncle!Is it a house or a museum? Where were you all the day? I went to the Manakkal
and to Nalini’s house! In the evening we together
had bath in the temple pond. I knew it.
That’s why I am asking you. Why did you jump into the pond? Who did you get the permission? She has come here after a longtime. She wanted to see
the old places and friends. – Why do you make noise for that?
– I didn’t ask you. It is she jumped
into the pond that matters. She asked me before she went, ok? I guessed it. I will build a swimming pool for her
if she wants to swim and bathe. Don’t drink the dirty water of the pond. If you have anything
to write, read or… do any research,
you can as well do it here. If you like it I will
come for your help. Okay uncle! Don’t go anywhere
without asking me hereafter! You belong to Thevalli household
and you are the only girl. – You should remember that.
– Enough is your advise. – Let her have her food.
– What if she had her food? She looks very thin
and weak like a match stick! Why don’t you give milk
to the dog in coconut shell? Why do you give in this special vessel? I have bought it in Australia! Not only the vessel is special. The room, bed and
bed sheet are all special too! What about special TV,
phone, A.C, and the fridge? I don’t want to hear anything! Buy her a feeding bottle. Let her chew it. If you ask me
if there is a birth for me… I want to be a dog I pray God that I should born as Jooly! Your prayer! Will you take it out somewhere? I told you to take it out. He barks at me always! Animals are brainier than the humans! Come fast. We have
to go before uncle comes. Where are you
going at this time? There is sorcery at the Manakkal! Do you know sorcery too? I mean she has not seen sorcery so far. She wants to see it. You need not go anywhere at this night. I will arrange for that here for you! She wants to learn
something from it brother! You want to make her study
sorcery instead of Psychology? Is it not a part of her research? I will not let you go anywhere
in this night time! Go inside. Why do you stare?
I will whack you. Nalini can go home! You do onething!Take Ananthan with you! You can go with them! If you ask me, I will not allow
them to go the sorcery! They will get scared. We didn’t ask you anything!
We wanted you to go with them! Go! I will go with them! Come! Uncle!We will be back soon!Go! – You stop there.
– What for? Where have you taken this dog to? Don’t call it a dog! Indira will scold me if she hears it. Jooly is its name.
I have taken it to a doctor! It was barking too much!
It had an injection! The dogs used to bark! It is not that.
It had a bad cold. I see!
Is the date for the marriage fixed? Another marriage for me? Where will I get the girl for me? Not that. We hear the marriage
of Indira has been fixed. – We wanted to give you a treat.
– She has not accepted that. Hasn’t she accepted it? It was a good proposal. The groom is a doctor in America! What’s the use?
She has refused the proposal! What is the reason? If you ask me, I would say
there is somebody in her mind. God!I have spilled it before them! God! I don’t know anything Now what you say? The priest’s son has come! Do you remember the method of worship? What foolishness are you talking? Will his dad send him here if not? This is the room for worship!
Arrange it for him whatever he wants! I will have a bath. Come. Every thing is ready! – I am also with you.
– What for? As your assistant!
I will call you if necessary. You can come only then! If you ask me,
that is the right thing! Then you can get up. You keep it there. Jooly will be looking for me! Devu! What? Did you call me?
Are you my wife Devayani? No.I am Ananthan Adiodi! – Call her here!
– I will! I am busy in the kitchen! Why do you make noise?
What is the matter? I bought two books
yesterday and kept them here. – Have you seen those?
– I have not taken your books! Indira could have taken them to read. Where is she?
Call her. They have left for
Guruvayoor in the morning. – Did you forget that?
– I am fed up of her! She won’t keep anything at its place.

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