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MBA CET: How to Crack CET in 3 Months !

Hi everyone, we are doing CET daily, i’m Rahul and im the director of CATKing and i hope you all are enjoying these videos, do like share and subscribe anyways, now how to crack CET in 3 months? someone had asked me this in the comments i will promise you one thing, im busy the next few days, but starting from 1st week of January, i will make videos on whatever you ask in the comments but don’t suggest any random videos like travelling and such, anything related to CET, CAT, GD too since it may be included in CAT i might make videos for those people expecting calls from IIM too now, the next 3 months are very important, whoever has given CAT, you have 100 days approximately, you guys can hack the CET 100 days and a person who aims for JBIMS, you will need to study about 300 hours if you really want an admission there come what may welcome onboard, im gonna show you how to crack CET in the next 3 months how many days you need to crack CET, its 100 days and i’ve promised you that i’ll be making 1 video per day we’re going to do some toppers series aswell and get some CET toppers to talk with us and get an idea of how they cracked CET if you want to get into JBIMS, do not even think of 99.85 percentile its always above 99.85 for admissions here for the most cases, but in fact id suggest getting anything above 99.90 percentile to crack it you’ll have to put in about 300 hours keep a notebook and paste it on the front page that you WILL spend 300 hours bare minimum for studying CET why because out of the hours you will spend each day, 3 hours should be given for mocks, so 3 hours multiplied by 50 mocks makes 150 hours so mocks alone will take 150 out of your 300 hours number 1, get your books right, don’t pick up CAT books, the CATKing students, do not take the advanced books pick up your intensive books, they’re the best books and we are going to launch more books further too we’re going to have visual reasoning books too which you’re really going to enjoy so pickup the right books, and those who do not have those, click the link and get the right ones! theres no rocket science required, just some short cuts which are included in the books the people who buy the books will receive a login ID & password for the recorded lectures so please get your books right, dont study from the wrong books those who have our basic and intensive books, use them, the basic has formulas,DI,RC & intensive books, use them for speed boosting there will be another book coming soon that will talk about CET’s tests it will include 100 tests of 60 questions and with a time limit of 30minutes, giving 30 seconds per question so you will have total of 200 questions, number 1 is quants which will have no more than 25 questions its like this since the previous 10 years, CET doesnt focus on quants, there was a time when people used to only do BODMAS questions in quants out of 25 around 10-15 used to be BODMAS, now theyve reduced its frequency and increased tricky questions those who have given CAT, NMAT and such exams, you need not do quants, since youve given other exams you can anyhow solve atleast 10 questions even if you put more efforts, you might at max get 18-20 questions right, last year there were only 18 quant questions, rest were DI so going by that, even if you put lots of efforts on quants, and even if you do more questions in quants you still have 190 questions out of 200 out of 190 you need atleast 145 correct so dont just focus on quants all coaching institutions are just teaching quants, its basically just learning the formulae and moving forward even if you have answers to 10-15 questions correct youre good to go so theres a link down below, for CET mocks, made by CET toppers, please pick it up and start your journey DI is lengthier, it consists of 25 questions and also has DS included in it, approx 5 questions will be of DS so for those who dont have the notes for these, the links are down below for DS and DI, its a free DI set that will be really helpful for you, there are approx 100 questions i will be doing a whole video on how to crack verbal ability, number 1 is vocabulary read norman lewis word power made easy, finish it in 12 days, ive made a video on it, for the subscribers, you must’ve already wtched the video verbal has about 50 questions, ill go into RC details later logical reasoning, my favorite section again, people say there will be 100 LR, questions but thats false, LR has 75 and VR has 25 people think LR is the most important but in reality it isnt, ive done a video on it, out of the 75, LR is 55+20, now the 20 questions are of CR these 20 CR questions are really important they consist of statements, assumptions, cause and effects and such so do all those and you’ll be able to answer the 20 questions with ease the most important part is verbal ability because CR is a part of it those who have subscribed, you can watch all of my CR videos ive given another link for a series called verbal wednesdays so the 70 questions are the most important in CET of verbal, not LR. LR will consists of things such as series, blood relations, CET loves these questions those who have CET intensive books please do solve these questions finally, VR, dont read from any wrong or random books, do refer to our books, we will ship it to you once you order it CET is the only exam in india from MBA perspective where VR will consist of 25 questions if you dont have our books you can pickup and bank po books and do it from there coming back to the main point of the video, we understood the syllabus you have the books, the mocks and youre set you need to make a schedule for the 300 hours that you are going to need and note down what you understood or did not in the notebook those students that have our mocks, you can recognize which type of mock is it since we have labeled them as B, A, I basic is 20% lower level than CET, its for your motivation advanced are equal to CET mocks and the last one, intensive are +20% difficult than CET papers, students that have done CAT with us would know the entire rigor so before giving any mocks you should know what is your mock level because if you start with too tough in the beginning, you wont get the desired results and it would demotivate you so stay motivated for the next coming 100 days for sure, and i hope you guys enjoyed the videos, i might be talking a little fast or might be talking too much in hindi, some south indian students say that we cant understand all the hindi while the north indians want me to speak in hindi only so i honestly dont know what to do, so suggest it to me in the comments!

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  1. Sir, jbims and simsree ke placement procedure detail mein video how many companies should one apply, what is cash on hand salary, is there is bond etc etc

  2. Hello Sir , Your Videos are really helpful , English is more imp than LR is the known fact now courtesy of You 😊 Visual Reasoning pe videos banao Sir , it will be helpful . .

  3. sir am failed in 10th one time so i have 2 result in 10th&in 12th i got 72%,so if i get 99.50 percentile in cat so there is in any chance to get admission in FMS college

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