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MBA CET Sectionwise Strategy and Daily Study plan to Crack CET 2019

Hi guys Aisha here and we are back again
with the CET daily series and today unlike talking about the specific topic
I’m going to make you guys understand the sectional strategy which you
should be understanding you know what to study in each and every section of CET
exam because interacting with a lot of students a lot of people astray confuse
what should I study what should I not study what comes in verbal what do i have to skip in maths, what I can let go because you know math is something you
hate so in today’s session I’m going to make you guys understand the entire
strategy of the overall paper what you need to focus on what topics, what you can leave, what you can do and what you have to strictly do if you want to make sure
you’re cracking it up to JBIMS so make sure you guys sit with a pen and
paper keep noting this down or keep taking
screenshots pause the video when we talk about each and every section of the exam
alright so if I look at the whole paper like we discussed yesterday session also
there are 200 questions but we understood that 200 questions is not
technically the way it is said okay so quants is 18 questions this is all on the
basis of last two three years papers to I haven’t taken papers of too many years because paper pattern keeps on changing plus since two three years, quants you have
18 questions data interpretation and data sufficiency you have around 30
questions from which around five questions are like quantitative comparison so people
who are given GRE you would understand what is this these are very basic and
easy questions it’s like telling you I give you the sides of the triangle I
tell you find the area of so for example base is six height is four so the area
would be half into 6 into 4 that’s 12 and I tell you
quantity A is area of triangle quantity B is 12 so what’s the answer for answers
to be a is equal to B so basically you’re just comparing two different
quantities that’s it it’s very easy questions these five marks will always
surely get to okay then you have your logical reasoning questions
this may say around 30 questions are based on puzzles, puzzles be like
sitting arrangement in terms of circular seating arrangement, linear sitting
arrangement or people like a matrix based questions for example I
tell you there are four different students who have given 4 different
subject exams and they are trying to apply for 4 different post-graduation
streams wearing different color t shirts who’s you know what so based on
the profession colors and all of those you’ve to make a combination of the
statements given to you and analyzed from that so those are the kind of
analytical puzzles analytical reasoning is where you have questions like blood
relations, family tree, coding-decoding and all of them so under this how many
questions of what comes in we’ll talk about each of them in detail in the next
few minutes then you have 25 questions of visual building which is also called
as abstract reasoning so make sure you guys practice a lot of that then in verbal you have 32 questions of reading comprehension 18 of which
is your vocabulary grammar fill in the blanks idioms, phrases those kind of
questions and somewhere around 19-20 any questions
of critical reasoning or verbal reasoning which could be statement assumption all those kinds of questions so looking at the ballpark figure above the
paper two sections which are very important I got reasoning and your
verbal ability then comes your data interpretation and last or the least
important is your maths so for all the people who hate maths CET is your exam
just make sure you focus on the rest of them and going cracked it up okay so now
let’s try to understand each section may what exactly comes and what you should
be doing first and the most important is yourverbal ability section in this you may
already know that 32 around questions are based on your reading comprehension
right so those questions like synonym, antonym fill in the blanks sentence
collection is at all part of the reading comprehension so combining all of them
who have more or less questions from them para jumbles also is there closed
passage is very interesting people who have given NMAT will know, theres a huge passage with multiple blanks on to it so that’s very
easy to score sentence combination is which part of the sentence will complete
the sentence combining two sentences very basic again grammar here is
like on the lines of spotty error or punctuation or you know those kind of
not hifi type of grammar such that you have to start and study from Wren & Martin all of
them so its not that hard but it’s very easy to score out of those 50 you can easily attempt
forty questions any which way there’s no negative marking so you should attempt
all of them but it should be like a forty you read and answered and ten should
be guesswork so that’s about your verbal ability section then when we come to the points
and di section majority of the questions are data interpretation and data
sufficiency keep that aside apart from that if you see maximum is arithmetic
and numbers then little bit of your number series odd one out
geometry, modern Maths is nothing but your permutation combination
algebra would be equation based questions so that’s it so when you have
questions like logs trigonometry coordinate geometry that does not come
in CET so you can you let go of those topics you don’t need not study indices
logs and all of them leave them, though even if you just to arithmetic and geometry or
arithmetical numbers two things pick up which you like if you hate numbers do
geometry you hate geometry do modern maths if you dont like P&C leave it and do only arithmetic and geometry so pick up any two
major areas arithmetic it you definitely should be used to nine to ten questions
on any on e so just make sure you’re doing that for people who don’t know
what is arithmetic arithmetic is your percentages ratios mixtures allegations
time speed distance time and work profit and loss interest very easy to
score things where you can you know get as many marks as you can so when you’re
solving the paper remember which questions to choose the questions that are lengthy, leave it and move on to the next don’t be rigid just be very good with the concept of
moving one if you are getting something in a minute then fine but if not then please move ahead alright let’s move further ahead to
understand your LR section is hit 75 questions is usually moderate
too difficult the overall section but easy to do matrix arrangement puzzles is
where I give you those example 4 professions 4 different people 4
streams those kind of questions are called s matrix arrangement puzzles
circular arrangement is five people sitting on a circle this one is eating
strawberries the other one is eating mangoes so you giving information about
circular arrangement linear arrangement is people sitting in a line family trees
again based on your blood relations kind of questions VR is your statement assumption course of action or cause and effect
strengthening weakening all of those kind of person’s coding decoding is very
easy it will come for sure, just make sure you practice it direction sense you just
need to make sure using pen and papers you start drawing those questions again easy
to score input/output is like moderate it’s similar to what NMAT is what
much easier than NMAT level so just make sure to you pick up one or two mocks
of NMAT or the and mat official guidance solve those questions that much is more than enough quantitative comparison can come in quants or it can
come here also because its very fairly easy same goes for number series it’s
like whats the next number in the series question mark don’t spend too much time
on this because if you can strike the logic then its fine else forget it the best way to approach this question this first do all the easy questions like you
know so Direction sense ranking test coding decoding blood relations finish
all the easy ones then do your puzzles because doing 1 puzzle will fetch you 4-5 answers then move to something which is
tricky like you know your input output verbal reasoning and all of those but
try to attempt at least 60 questions are chase apart again remaining can be your
guest book okay moving on to the last section which is there that’s your
abstract reasoning is may you will get used to it only one to tough practice
you can so make sure your practicing a lot of these questions two
types of these questions we discussed in yesterday’s session also which was
series based he number of pictures are given what is the next in series analogy
based a a and B have some relation what you have to find C and D with the same
relationship then there are rearranging once we’re in forgiving like five images
and I tell you which two should use trap in order so those kind of questions last
is the paper cut fold this is a little tough one but if you have good
visualization skills think you have a paper in front of those of old car
though they say it’s shown in the and how it would look as unfolding so that
if you are able to visualize it’s good the tricky part is usually in your
rearranging this questions only or rest of them way you have to make sure keep
you’ve done so much practice you know what could be the possible things they
could rotate the elements shaded on shaded kardea clockwise direction
anti-clockwise direction something’s getting added deleted so notice all of
those changes that’s precisely what abstract means link is nothing it’s you
can really score well in this section if you have to know passed on to you so
make sure you are doing that you get so I hope by now you guys understood that in each section what you have to do and not do now to people who are
giving CET that’s the last exam for you CAT and other exams are all done, we dont know what we’re getting, consider youve not cracked any exam so this is do or die
for me this is like a daily study schedule which everybody should follow
even the working professionals please make time out now it’s okay let your
employers think you’re the worst employee on earth for the next two
months just crack CET that’s your objective
okay I’m sorry this is getting on record but your priority is CET so let’s give
priority to ourselves in our goals right now three sessions of normal news
because vocabulary is very important five reading comprehensions who should
practice pickup intensive books once you are done with the CATKing intensive
books do it from previous papers of CET an actual mocks
similarly five data interpretation sets now for people who don’t like maths pick
up your concepts start revising the videos, go to the dashboard youll see each video, chapter wise videos explained to you see one
chapter the video solved 20 questions serie the chapter next day’s solve 20
questions similarly same approach to be done for logical for example one day youve done blood relations here 20 questions this next day you have direction says 20 questions for maths one day you do time speed distance to any questions next day
you do geometry 20 questions so like that make sure that youre doing on a are daily
basis 10 days quants, 10 days something else, dont to like that make sure youre doing everything everyday because youll get more and more practise once you are very confident with your reading
comprehension with that start doing VR that your statement is
your statement assumptions and all of those kind of questions that is full practice is
always happening so I hope all of you guys have got an understanding what all you have to do he partner head so make sure to spend
put amount of time on this video watch it once again revised through it
understand all of them and still you guys need more guidance is how to
prepare how to give mocks went to gaben all of them feel free to drop me a whatsapp
that’s my personal number you guys can reach out to me I will try and help you
guys to the best of ability and make sure y’all are doing really well stay
tuned to the entire CET daily series I hope the sessions have really been helpful
for all of you guys so make sure you guys don’t miss any of the previous
sessions alright so all the best and we will soon be starting from the post of
Jan like daily sprint questions also for all of you guys so attend those and
given them more mocks that are actual CET levels

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