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Me laughing at my husband for 15 minutes straight😂🤷

because it's poster board because I'm 13 well if you're 14 she'll be three months on the third yeah Shannon yeah it's a lot more pieces somewhere burn up Chloe get them all in wax yeah it burnt me wait get away why'd you do it a third we gotta go in the middle okay now get those two look that week what the heck's going on about happy birthday y'all are horrible quiet [Applause] happy birthday to you oh now you're rich ain't gonna come true cuz you do it in one blow that's all word did you wish she was for all of us to be gone [Laughter] 75 sound and my destination will be on my left and now South is an inner state biscuits 500 million likes desolate make it a snake [Applause] because our kids are wimpy the motto be tell me like the dog okay Toby anyways I was working at McDonald's and this guy came up to me was like I think he was asked me out and I was like I have a boyfriend sorry and he was like oh it's okay we can still be friends and I was like okay and he sat there and talked to me forever and was like what Toby no named Toby I said okay and he said oh wind sounds like the name of a princess and I was like thanks and and then he said my name is Toby like the dog my parents are Stephen and I was like okay that's really weird and he left came back in give me his phone number and then asked me how old I was in my twenty men was 17 he said oh I'm like 28 and I was like oh wow that's a big age difference so we didn't eat she got hit on two in the drive-through one time a dude in the backseat he didn't even know me the person at Pratt was like can he have your number and I was like if he's not gonna ask me himself but no and I had a boyfriend seven years old married couple advice meet somebody in elementary school and just force them to stay with you that's the he comes home he's like yeah I took out this person's trash and they were hitting on me I'm like how they hit on dude he's like they'd help me have a good day she was like cocaine she staggered out there tried to tread chase the freaking trash truck down maybe she's doing surveys for the census are you gonna find a lifeguard to drown all by younger not me our age like they hit on live birds like hey I'm we're gonna try to drown come kiss me little rascals have to pee so bad people think we actually hate each other [Laughter] holy freaking he said I'll be uglier than watch so we're going back to the house we done let da ga went through until softly just the baby was crying the whole way she's very grumpy finally went to sleep I hope you all enjoyed our TED talk we can do them too just coming with y'all tell me some questions too like forced to answer in the videos like plenty of opinions see ya later there's guys okay

One thought on “Me laughing at my husband for 15 minutes straight😂🤷

  1. Omg how funny would it be if y’all did a mukbang with deer meat 🤣🤣 like super country 😂! I love y’alls channel keep it up ❤️🤣

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