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100 thoughts on “Meanwhile… Is It OK To Say “OK, Boomer”?

  1. This whole thing is retarded. It's a meaningless response. It's basically an admission that you're a retard who just parrots whatever other people are saying. However, as a millennial, I'm used to the embarrassing level of idiocy.

  2. "Baby Boomers have a single Philosophy…GIVE ME THAT IS MINE!! GIVE ME THAT IS MINE! These people had everything, everything was given to them. And now make it harder for the other generation."
    -George Carlin

  3. Boomers: [spend years complaining about millennials]
    Millennials: [sigh] "Fine. Whatever."
    Boomers: [lose their flipping minds]

  4. You use "millennial" as a derogatory term for your own children because they're failing to thrive in the ashes of the various markets you trashed in your desperate climb to power….. and you're upset that we're using the term you chose for yourselves to dismiss your nonsense??

    So it's okay to call people names just not when they return the favor.

    Isn't that just bullying???


    Ok, boomer. 😉

  5. When you’re comparing the badness of two words, and you won’t even say one of the words… that is the worse word. – john mulaney

  6. No, it is not OK to say "OK, Boomer." for the same reason it is not OK to say "OK, Nigger." Both are extremely dismissive and reduce an entire person to just one word.

  7. I believe the most annoying thing in the world is when you're like at least 28 and someone is calling you a boomer it kind of triggers people like seriously you stupid uncultured swine if you don't know what the Boomer is shut up you uncultured swine

  8. Boomers: hah slurs haha slur slur slur something offensive
    Gen z and millenials: boomer-
    Boomers: 🙁 🙁 🙁 that's so offensive OMG 🙁

  9. "Karen can call me the b-word, because we are both boomers. But you can NOT call us the b-word because of all the pain and suffering our people had to go through!"

  10. Boomer: says n word, r word, other slurs
    Millennials/gen z: hey you can't say that
    Boomer: lol these kids are so sensitive and such snowflakes!!!! Maga lol !!!!!!😉🙃😉
    Millennials: ok boomer

  11. Oh look, the left have finally found their equivalent of 'Libtard' and discovered trolling, how cute.

    Let's keep playing this game of infantile deflection, shall we…

  12. We boomers are responsible for the Pet Rock, Disco, The Gong Show…….literally an endless list of ridiculous pop culture icons. And the best you can come up with is "OK Boomer"?

  13. Boomers: Gen Z is stupid
    Boomers: Gen Z is sensitive
    Boomer: Gen Z is
    Gen Z: Okay Boomer
    Boomers: ThATs oFfenSiVE in telling my Facebook friend Sandra!

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