Laughter is the Best Medicine

Meet Daria Junttanen, Photomask and Mechanical Designer

My name is Daria Junttanen and I’m a
photomask and mechanical designer for LUMINEQ Displays When making a career
change I wanted to work for a company which has been established quite a while ago when I heard that there is a job opening I wanted to apply and it’s related with my education and also from the interview I understood that
there are a lot of possibilities for the development in mask design process. There is no uniform solution how to do masks so every pattern is individual defining the design rules for every different mask is quite a challenge but at the same time it’s what I like about it I think one of the happiest days here at
LUMINEQ was when I was given my first customer project because it hasn’t
been long after I started and I really enjoyed the feeling that I was given some responsibility and I would say that felt great My job requires a lot of concentration most of the time I work alone but also I
work with my supervisors and other team members there are two things that are
keeping us as a team first one is a sense of humor and second one is respect my supervisor respects me as an individual and I think this is one of
the most important things at a workplace.

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