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Meet the Guy at Facebook Who Suggests Tags for Photos | Mashable Humor

(Music) Nice, looking good in a suit Keith. (Music) No, I never met him in my life. (Music) Hello, my name is Paul Zuckerberg,
no relation. I work here at,
and what do we do? I am the guy that suggests tags for
photos. So, say you’re scrolling through your
photos, and then (Sound) a little square comes up and says, would you like
to tag Esteban in this picture? That’s me,
I am the guy behind that whole operation. Not some sort of algorithm or
computer, people think. I know, right? It’s just me, Paul,
scrolling through your personal photos, and looking at your memories all day. (Music) It’s Andrew, it’s Kelsey, it’s Chris. A lot of people are like,
hey Paul, isn’t it a little weird, a little creepy that you spend your entire
life rummaging through peoples photos, and memorizing their faces only to use
that memory later and tag the in photos? (Music) So I look through every single photo
that’s been uploaded to Facebook, and I see a photo, and
I think to myself, is this a person? Then I ask myself, have they been tagged? If not, then I get to work and I try to guess who that
person is based on my memory. (Music) Okay, awesome, all right, great. So what we have here is Janey and
Sam’s wedding album. Just came out today, freshly untagged,
that’s what I call it. But check this out, Johnny is jumping
in every one of the groomsmen photos. (Laugh)
And I’m like, Johnny, what are you doing? No, I never met any of them, no, but
I could if I wanted to, honestly. I know where they live. I could just see them with my eyes closed, I could just picture them through
the dark, and I know where they are, yeah. Yeah, I slip up, yeah, there have been
sometimes where I would recommend you tag a fire hydrant as your step dad,
or a scarecrow as your girlfriend. But those are usually when I’m
high on cough syrup, so, my, this is my wife and my son,
I haven’t seen them in four years. Would you like to tag Paul in this photo? (Music) It’s kind of my way of saying, hi. I usually like to do it on the guy
that’s in the photo with them. My name is, Paul, and I love my job. Yeah, it’s a good job. I get to look at pictures all day,
I love pictures. (Music) Yeah, it’s kind of like
a face encyclopedia in here. Yeah, it’s why they call me the Face Book. (Music) Face, face, face, guy. (Music) They call it the website Facebook. They call me the face guy.

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