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Mega Crack For Immediate Back Pain Relief St. Augustine Chiropractor Florida

Let’s go Hector on your back. Tell everybody what’s wrong what’s the matter with you? uh….. what happened? Something hurts on my left side here you want me to fix it? (yes ) okay, here we go cause it hurts ready guys? I think there’s still more in there, you hear the popcorn? here we go no relax there it is ok, let’s fix your back on your tummy right there huh, is that where you’re hurting? no, right here ok let’s see if I can’t fix that take a deep breath in, all the way out there it is wow wow! look at Daddy other side! here we go, where’s Daddy? How do you feel now? Stand on up. You feel better? (yeah) Twist, turn, you feel better now? oh yeah, I feel better This is Dr. Brenda Mondragon from Mondragon Chiropractic, St. Augustine, FL Like and Subscribe for more videos please click on my links below if you want more information about my practice

100 thoughts on “Mega Crack For Immediate Back Pain Relief St. Augustine Chiropractor Florida

  1. SO a chiropractoc calls herslef Doctor???

    Wow … that would be like … criminal in Belgium … a doctor is someone who studued medicin … a chriropractic is a chiropractic.

  2. I need this bC I am a student that carries a bag full of bricks for seven hours a day every week. Ugh but I don’t live in floridaaaaa

  3. I've seen other videos where the dr. said, "do not twist and turn you will undo my work…., instead take a walk down the hallway to let the adjustment recalibrate." What are your thoughts on this? Is this true to some respect? What are your thoughts on this?

  4. My first chiropractic video was Adolfo and kalkstein I usually watch surgery during lunch but this was quite interesting, people tell me to turn it off probably since I in my early teens, I am a freshman

  5. An exam was performed prior to the adjustment and the majority of the treatment is not shown in this video. The neck and pelvis are aligned as well as the mid back where he says he is hurting. Think about unwinding a towel that you have twisted. You can't just unwind the middle. You have to unwind the towel at both ends as well. This video demonstrates a full spine alignment.

  6. you are awesome mam I need same treatment my back needs a readjustment so that I can go start my gym all over again .

  7. wow dang I crack my neck I only get one out surprising that if a Chiropractor does it they can get more out and I have knots as tight as a pretzel hopefully those can get fixed! but man that looks like it felt good!

  8. Good with kids. & your the prettiest Chiro I’ve ever seen. You cld do my back crack & sack anytime 😂

  9. Ok, so my back doesn’t hurt, but every time I think about my back, which is every couple of seconds, I feel the need to move and stretch it. It’s really distracting, and uncomfortable. I don’t want to keep doing this but I have to. What should I do?

  10. i need to go to a chairopracter. seriously i have horrible pain in my lower right and it hurts like crappp

  11. He didn’t seem to be really in much pain from the start and doesnt seem to be really relieved at the end. Morality of this , it’s not because your articulations crack loud when manipulated that there was a problem and that you where stuck. chiropractors help people but this YouTube attitude of promoting yourself will make your profession look like con artists and scammers

  12. quick, easy and fun for the kid! also thank you for not using the crunchy paper so we can hear the cracks better!

  13. Wow, so I always watch these types of videos and then I randomly stumbled upon yours and you're located in my hometown!
    Great job with the kiddo!

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