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Megan Monteiro | EMERGE 2019 Sour Hour Ep 1

Hey, welcome to The Sour Hour I’m your host Paol Wierzbicki. You might recognize me from some of the recent videos on EMERGE I’m one of the co-hosts for the EMAs This is my guest for the evening, Megan Monteiroa She is a finalist for the photography award at the EMAs and today we’re gonna get sour Alright, welcome Megan. Thank you for coming to the show Thank you for having me So, uh, I guess we’ll get started Let’s have some food so we’re gonna start with… the sour keys Which are Those ones I knew that… Absolutely. All right, so you take as many as you want I’m taking one, is that okay? Yup one’s fine, we’ll get more later Thank you very much I already know I’m not gonna do well They really don’t taste that sour, I mean… I ate like 10 of these before the show So… What inspired you to do the Shades of Grey series? Um, honestly it was for a portfolio assignment And then I kind of adapted it to be more it was like a… poetic thing I liked the idea of… Personality that people are… sorry…. People are more than just black and white that was the concept people have shades of grey that make up their identity their personality And I also hated the idea of a single Portrait like identifying a person, so I thought of how everyone needs more than one portrait, because everyone has different sides to their personality They all have shades of grey so that was the Idea I like it. It’s very creative So we’re gonna go to our second phase. It’s gonna be starbursts now. This is gonna be fun. This is open. So please… Take a bunch of them. Maybe like 5 of them Is there a safe flavor? I’ll just take one Alright, alright. That’s fine I’m gonna eat two. I’m gonna go all out. I’m gonna go for it Yeah I have a small mouth so I can’t chew and talk at the same time Ah excuses, I see I’m strategizing, haha You’ve thought about this before… Okay, so what is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while shooting? Funniest thing? umm… I don’t know… A lot of times, I just stand in front of the camera With like a very neutral face, like… I don’t want to do this… So that’s like, I try to like make them laugh a lot of times. So you have to provoke them almost or use some emotion I had one kid spit on me once Yes, like me on my camera and then I had to take a good time out like filming a camel or something Yeah I forgot that they spit Yeah I saw youtube videos, so that’s how I know I don’t know them from experience So we’re gonna move on to the sour skittles now. All right, these look fun Are you excited for these ones or terrified? Can I just have one? Um, preferably five and meet me in the middle Just…just surprise me No! No! No! No! I’m joking haha. You can put some back if you don’t want them Oooh I touched them already and I don’t wanna… That’s too bad OH THAT’S REALLY BAD UN UH I don’t that, un uh it’s a physiological reaction, it’s alright Oh my god How do you talk with this? Well, we’ll find out so we’re gonna do a deep dive into your series So explain the meaning If there’s a deeper meaning, can you explain the meaning to the photo I referenced earlier? Where she is looking through the shades. Is she like looking into her future or like what’s going on? um… Well if I’m thinking of the right person her like quote on a different photo of hers Was that she like wants to be more happy She wants to smile more. She wants people to think of her in a different way I like interpret because again, it’s subjective. Everyone has their own interpretation, even though I’m the artist technically I See her as looking for a better life, looking for what she wants people to see her as so she’s like peeking through… What people see her as versus what she wants people to see her as So it makes sense because the sun is almost like showing that light in her face That’s pretty good. Now. We’re gonna take a shot of lemon juice. I know you’ve been looking forward to this one No I’m really not! It’s your time to shine. Let’s have a nice little cheers and… Mine’s bigger I bet you. Do you have anything in… Yours is smaller it’s perfect Well bad news, you’re the guest so Holy s**t How are you normal right now? I drink this stuff actually. It’s pretty good It’s good for you but… So what model like let’s say you were to be a photographer And you yeah, okay. Let’s like like this your life. It’s your life and you’re gonna shoot one celebrity Which celebrity would you choose? Bruno Mars I love him. he has such a personality That’s that’s a really good. I like that He seems like a nice guy, you know? I’m like, sometimes you think they’re like, oh stuck-up He seems like a very genuine person especially for like famous people EXACTLY! Alright this one, secretly… I know you loved this, but you’re gonna love the warheads. We’re gonna have a mouthful of these or is this them? No, it’s the green ones. Yeah, yes it is. Oh boy Alright, I’ll take some. You take some. You have to have at least two At least two of these?! At least two I don’t even want one of those boys. I’m so like tart right now, mouth… It’s happening Is there a safe flavor? Is there a safe flavor I should be getting? *whispers BLUE Blue are you tricking me? Is she tricking me? I think you are But I’m gonna do it anyway Is it bad??? No, they’re great they’re nice and sweet you’ll love them Alright, so you’re gonna now to take a picture of me like on your phone phone Hold on… Alright, I’ll wait happens to the best of us God. These are so sour I wanna cry right now It’s a sign I don’t need to eat it It’s fate Here, take this one Oh god. Thank you I mean don’t thank you Gross. I don’t want this I can’t breathe right now Okay All right now you have you have to take your phone out and take a photo of me like as a professional photographer and Then try and edit it while you’re eating these things I’m gonna give you another one just so you have more time Do I have to? Nah I mean, you don’t have to eat more but just take a photo Ah okay Look up there Oh angles – oh, yeah. this is real photography Yeah… Make a natural face. You can do it. chin down a little bit I need you to have a straight face I’ll eat this just for fun Sound guys in the way Look over there You make a very good chipmunk I’ve been practicing The sour is starting to die and I’m very happy right now Oh, you have to have some more then… No! No! Noooo! I literally can’t, I don’t have enough room I don’t think Like to talk. I’ll like spit at you, and I don’t want to be a camel so Okay. Done I’M DONE Here it is, this is what a professional photographer does Anyways That’s that’s been a sour hour. This is our guest Megan Monteiroa. Thank you so much for watching and stay sour folks Stay sour

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