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24 thoughts on “Memorable Movie Death #3: Vizzini From Princess Bride

  1. "holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die"
    I think I found the originator of the anonymous quote above: the writer of this scene

  2. Australians as criminals?…no we where slaves drawn from the overflowing prisons of England. Our crimes?…mainly pinching bread and silk hankies to fed our children. Used to build roads and buildings.

  3. In real life we're all Vizzinis. Getting the question right is a far more delicate process than getting the answer right.
    Whenever debating an issue, we never focus on addressing the premises we unconsciously assume to be true (in this case, that only one cups was poisoned), so when we start the chain of reasoning, no matter how close to the truth we get, we can't recognize it. We may even get there but we don't notice it, because it doesn't fit with the implicit premises.
    The actual problem is that the more acute, coherent, logically flawless our arguments are, the less inclined we are to go back and start from scratch, and we end up convincing ourself because our arguments are actually smart and the logic is sound and beautiful.
    Vizzini is smart, but smart people have their own problems, and traps to avoid.

  4. Dread Pirate Roberts was ahead of his time…

    Fizzini (as ghost): "You cheated!"
    Roberts (in the afterlife): "…Pirate!"

  5. I think I might be the only person on Earth that hasn't seen this film despite growing up in the 80s but I saw this clip and thought it was good.

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