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100 thoughts on “merlin crack after years, again? nothing’s impossible, my dear friend | part 2

  1. 0:58 Merlin: 'This will be the last time either of us will sleep in a proper bed.' The way Colin pronounces either sounds like an American would say it, doesn't it? Shouldn't it sound like 'aɪðə(r)'?

    omg i screamed when i'd heard this
    more russian memes yaaaass

  3. me after years of watching strictly come dancing to watch Merlin afterwords, now re-watching the whole series oh my god I can read the runes in the opening holy-

  4. Love this!! This fandom really is immortal, hahahaha so is merlin, and all alone!!!!!!! Guess arthur aint immmortal, hes so dead

  5. Me clicking on this video thinking I would be alone in a sea of old comments: sees comments from days ago
    Me: SHOOK


  6. I love how alive this fandom is even after all this time. I've lost count of the amount of times I've re watched this show and will never get tired of it, happy to see I'm not the only one 😊

  7. this fandom still hits me deep in my heart <3 also that clip from the last episode had me b a w l i n g lol after all these years ive still never watched the finale again tbh i've repressed the shit outta even thinking about it uWu

  8. Это потрясающе! Я так рада, что этот фандом ещё жив. И твой эдитинг – это что-то.

  9. I just finished Merlin for the first time in December right before they took it off of Netflix, and it is by far one of my favorite shows! Glad to see the fandom isn't dead, especially since I joined 8 years too late and have a habit of joining dead fandoms. This video is absolutely hilarious and wonderful! Merlin's dramatic comments are everything! 😂 Thank you for this wonderful video!

  10. "our immortal merlin" more like 'my immortal' by xXMidnightEssenceXx featuring the one and only Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way

  11. Wth i just realised i watched this video it's actually recent and the views and this comment section still on fire magically wow

  12. Bro, I'm still here, so not gonna get enough with merlin, perhaps they should make a new season or even a movie (would've been so grateful)

  13. Im still watching it on season 5 and ive watched a concerning amount of crack vids

  14. so these videos will forever make the show better because i watched them before im restarted the show and BOI i think of the jokes e'ry time

  15. This is everything I needed and more 😂 I actually am almost finished rewatching Merlin for the “who knows how many it’s been” time

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