Laughter is the Best Medicine


Here are your drinks. -Thanks.
-Thanks. -Are you ready to order?
-Yes. -How’s the Wellington steak?
-It’s dead. How? Yes, the steak is basically
a piece of corpse. No, how do they serve it? Insensibly murdered. No, sir. He wants to know
how is it prepared. Ah! Sorry. Yes, there’s a layer
of puff pastry, that hides the culinary cemetery
of bacon, pate, and meat, so you cannot hear the screams
of a dead cow inside it, which was killed with a blow
on the head, if it’s lucky, ’cause sometimes they need
more than one blow. Then they slice it,
while its heart still beats, so that it does not bleed,
while dying, screaming… “Moorderers!” “Moorderers!” Better go
for the supreme chicken. How do you prepare it? They inject the chick
with hormones, for it to grow overnight, then they cut off its legs,
and its beak and they put it
in a very small box, where it will spend
the rest of its days, -till it’s killed.
-But after all that torture… They cut off its head. What I want to know
is why they call it “supreme”. Ah! You’re interest in that… -Because it has cream.
-Oh, so nice! Which is a derivative
from milk, industrially extracted
from the udder of a cow which leaves the cowflesh
bloody and red, with a lot of pain, and cause the calf
to die starving because it cannot get
the milk from its mother. But don’t worry because the calf
did not die in vain, we have it here in the menu
it’s called “baby beef”. So, if you want it,
you can eat the whole family. -We could order a salad, right?
-Sure. Salad, what a good idea. Do you have tuna salad? What? Hi, one thing. Don’t ask for dishes that one day
had a mom. Please. Foods that have never cried
are so rich, right? It’s good for you.
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100 thoughts on “MESERO VEGETARIANO

  1. Aguante el churrasco con ensalada mixta y el Asado con cuero y el pollo al espiedo,y las patitas de cerdo al escabeche y salmón ahumado con papas a la provensal o el ciervo a las brasas con hierbas aromáticas y rúcula y tomates Cherry,o pulpo al vino tinto. Conejo a la vinagreta mmmmmm que delicias que no puedo dejar de pedir cada vez que voy a un restaurante.

  2. Me importa un carajo, el humano a sobrevivido comiendo carne tanto tiempo que incluso les dio cabida a que nacieran los veganos, no me salgan no mamadas.

  3. Pues pasa y acontece que los vegetales también estan vivos en algún momento, nomas que ellos si la tiene peor por que ni siquiera pueden hablar.

  4. 😁😄😃😀😄😄😄🤣😂😅😅😅😆😆😆😁😃😃😄😃😁😄☺️😅😆😁😄😃😄😁😁😆

  5. Sinceramente yo le pido carne pura una buen cosida y otra medio cruda y pura carne sin vegetales y le doy propina si me ve comer toda la carne.😀😀😀😀😀

  6. Okey, esta bien. No pude pasar de ver mas de 3 videos (Incluyendo el de la harina que por fin me hizo entender la mano de memes que hay) sin estar suscrito. Buen trabajo haciendo que la gente se suscriba!

  7. De hecho también las plantas y vegetales producen químicos y señales nerviosas cuando las cortan y cosechan, lo que se podría describir como dolor.

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