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Mexican Humor EXPLAINED! What Makes Mexicans Laugh?

well that’s kind thank you very much anyway I’m Paul an English guy showing you Mexico through my eyes today I’m going to talk about what makes Mexicans laugh now many Mexicans have a deep and often clever sense of humor and walk in the streets here I see more laughing even between strangers than anywhere else I’ve been to and I’ve traveled a lot so today I’m going to explain the main characteristics of Mexican humor oh [Music] look what I’ve just found and this lovely lady obviously likes to have chili inside her shampoo before I begin Mexican Independence Day coming up which is why we have a very patriotic scene behind me here and this guy looks like he’s having a lot of fun already anyway the first characteristic of Mexican humor is what Mexicans would describe as the doublet sentido or double meanings in English yes many Mexicans will say things which might not sound like a joke but in fact they are because it has a double meaning that it’s usually a very naughty naughty as in sexually naughty and British people are also known to slip in naughty double meanings into conversations with friends so for me and for most Brits we totally get it and that shampoo bottle woman we saw before if she was here now she couldn’t resist and she’d grab this chilli and take it home and Mexicans more specifically call this play on words the albergue and many our borders are of course sexual in nature and a borders are a big deal in Mexico and it’s recognized as being part of the culture although opinion is divided some Mexicans think it’s linguistic poetry others think it’s derogatory and immature and what do I think well having fun with language clearly is an important part of Mexican humor I think it’s funny and naughty double meanings have appeared in famous British comedies such as Black Adder even Shakespeare did it so for me I get it and I’m totally up for it [Music] subscribe is know I’m a big fan of these guys selling boo aired on the street known in Mexico as el Panna darou or as I like to say the pan man but usually they have bicycles pedal power that standard kit that these guys that this pan man he’s upgraded check out his wills and the next characteristic of Mexican humor is Mexicans love to make fun of each other and a lot of jokes in Mexico come at the expense of whoever is being made fun of and Mexicans often have tough skin because since childhood their friends and family will seek and target their weaknesses for group laughs and yes this happens everywhere but Mexicans especially enjoy it and you can go a lot further you can push someone’s buttons even harder there are less limits less filters although as we all know don’t bring anyone’s mum into a joke don’t mark Mexico’s national symbols just don’t go there but regardless this less of a filter is also a characteristic of Mexican humor now these days in many countries definitely including the UK people avoid using humor that might offend a particular group in society usually groups that are already and rightfully sensitive because of issues such as discrimination and people are afraid because the humor is not seen as politically correct it’s seen as offensive so they self censor as for Mexico people are genuinely far less politically correct with their humor and you do see a lot more humor here whether that’s memes or social media or whatever that could offends particular groups in society and some people will like Mexico’s way others will prefer the more PC cultures like the UK it’s a complicated topic but to conclude Mexicans definitely like to make fun of each other and limits filters political correctness there’s a lot less of that in Mexican humor [Music] [Music] next characteristic black humor is very common in Mexico and I was just walking around and randomly found this food truck you can see parks behind me from it social media it seems the owner who definitely has a Mexican plat sense of humor takes his truck with his Hanny burgers to different events now I know most of you know the book and movie The Silence of the Lambs but for viewers that don’t it’s quite an old movie now The Silence of the Lambs is about a cannibalistic serial killer and you’ve got to respect the effort made by the owner of this food truck the details are insane from the names of the dishes on the menu the artwork on the outside of the truck and also inside it the owner also seems to have another food stand parked on the road opposite and I’m sure most people around here know all but most appreciate the humorous side of these food stands because in general Mexicans are wired to understand and laugh black humor a whilst I’m here I want to also mention something else about Mexican humor that’s not really a characteristic but it’s definitely something Mexicans love and makes them laugh memes these days in the world of social media Mexicans have become meme masters here are some of my favorites this one because really Mexico never stops surprising you with the situation’s you see in front of you it’s part of the Mexican magic I also like this one as a street taco eater I totally get this genius goodbye Hannibal food truck maybe I’ll try a honey burger one day and by the way changing subject as always I just want to say thank you to anyone who has ever translated a true Mexico video you are all legends and if anyone can try this video into Spanish the link is in the description box below been a long day filming and I definitely fancy what this guy is selling and you hear that it’s one of the classic street sounds of Mexico City the child caught ice-cream seller and telco is located very near Mexico City to the southeast and really this ice-cream from the charcoal dairy is delicious look what I’ve got isn’t it interesting by the way a guest appearance the gas man those gas guys total true Mexico action to the max in my opinion and look at this beauty it’s a very creamy vanilla with a touch of corn flavor and served in a corn husk kargh and ass and they’re cartoons I’ve got a corn husk you’ve got to love Mexico and I’ve already had some just look at this it’s actually really really high-quality love it [Music] the next characteristic of Mexican humor is sarcasm and I feel right at home with Mexicans making sarcastic jokes because British people do it all the time to some countries just don’t get it but Mexico and the UK definitely get sarcastic humor in fact I was just having a cheeky Street taco the other day and the man working there said to me where you from blondie and I replied England and he said with a serious face oh so just around the corner then very good and then he just carried on with his business of course I started laughing and told him I appreciated his humour and to finish this video I just want to mention how I feel about Mexican humor as a Brit well although there are differences Mexican and British humour are actually very similar and I think many Mexicans watching this are fans of some British comedies lots of dark humour lots of sarcasm lots of naughty double meanings another one is self-deprecation Mexicans and Brits are both known to use self-deprecating humor and then mixing that up with sarcasm and it’s great that both nations have a sense of humor so similar and for me it makes living in Mexico much more fun [Music] the demolisher what a name for a local grocery store anyway I’m out of here now if you enjoyed today’s video please give it a like share it and all that good stuff a massive thank you to my patrons on patreon and those of you who donate on PayPal I really do need the financial support to make these videos if you would like to donate unpaid to an or Pay Pal the links are below and if this is your first time here why not click one of my videos on the screen there and subscribe 24 this is true Mexico hasta luego

94 thoughts on “Mexican Humor EXPLAINED! What Makes Mexicans Laugh?

  1. I'm at the Zocalo CDMX right now inside of a restaurant waiting to see if I can check in my hotel since it and the whole street down here was evacuated due to a serious gas leak. I hope to watch your video as soon as find a quiet spot. Viva Mexico!🎉

  2. Im Mexican American. I love mexican humor and people shouldn’t take it too serious but I do feel sometimes people who do albur do it way too much. You can never have a serious conversation with them. Plus some do it to people who don’t have a deep grasp of the language or just ain’t that clever and that point there’s no reason to do it you’re just picking on people instead of going back and forth with someone that is your match.

  3. Hi dear Paul, as always I stop anything I'm doing at the moment when I see the ring for a True Mexico's video😃I love sarcasm too we mexicans in general love the "vacilada" and anything that makes us laugh, have a very happy mexican independence day Paul,thumbs up hasta luego 😀

  4. As a Mexican-American, I realized a few years ago that I get British humor BECAUSE of our Mexican humor. I always hear Americans say that they don't 'get' British humor and I get it and LOVE it!!!! Lol


    OMG the pan man 😍.

  5. Uncle Paul…do not forget to document tonight how mexicans celebrate independence day…oh yea, no fireworks 🎆 smh

  6. Tio Paul speaking of Mexican humor and how is similar to england sense of humor, and then "Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition."

    that could be an incredible end to the video

  7. With all the over the top PC (political correctness) culture going on in the english peaking nations right now,im glad that we as Mexicans (myself included) can still find the humor in just about everything without fear of being reprimanded by society. Saludos a todos y VIVA MEXICO!

  8. Hey man have you ever been in Chalco?? I’m really surprised you bought an ice cream from that brand… I’m from Chalco and if you’re interested to visit it let know I could host you

  9. Oh yes I learned english watching british comedy shows while taking classes at highschool, Graham Norton was the one I watched the most.

  10. A few days ago i was having PE class and when the class is almost over my teacher say to one of students "what? It was raining outside or what happen to you?" (Que, estaba lloviendo afuera o que?) He was all sweaty (The student was sweaty) xdxdxd

  11. What's the name of this neighborhood where you recorded the video? Roma norte or Roma Sur? It looks so peaceful. 💚

  12. Black humor, sarcasm, tricky and complex double meanings, as you know it needs tons of imagination! That's the similarities between the two nations. Así es la vida querido Tío Paul 😎

  13. Sarcasm is huge and on another level in Mexico. The average Mexican has a pretty decent sense of humor. Especially if you're around interesting crowds.

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