Laughter is the Best Medicine


Finally you’re here.
You took hours. Yes, I know. -Can you give me the glue?
-No, I didn’t bring it. -And what’s in the bag?
-Cigarretes. For whom
did you buy cigarettes? For anyone who smokes, Fernanda!
And that’s it. I don’t smoke, you don’t smoke. -I was taking a dump.
-What? I have diarrhea, right?
Happy? I was walking, and it hit me,
I couldn’t take another step, I went to the gas station
washroom and bought cigarettes they were looking cross-eyed
at me because I used the washroom -and I did not buy anything.
-Jorge… Instead of buying cigarettes,
you could have bought the glue. No, Fernanda, because the glue
doesn’t disguise poos smell -when you use it in the washroom.
-Oh my God, Jorge! What is this? Whose are they? -I’ve bought a car.
-What? I was shitting myself, Fernanda!
Also, I left the washroom stinky. I felt guilty and bought
a car to fill the tank at the gas station
so they wouldn’t cross-eye me. What the shit, Jorge? It’s a hybrid, I know you wanted
a truck, my love, but it was a lot of crap,
a lot of paperwork, and I had to clean myself
at the gas station Let’s see, wait, Jorge. How did you buy a car,
if they’ve just fired you? With this. With this. -What is this?
-Bank money. -What? -Jorge, did you just rob a bank?
-I was shitting myself, Fernanda! There was this line,
and people were staring at me. Looking daggers, when my pants
started to get brown, I felt more judged
then in all my life. -Jorge…
-I exploded in diarrhea and courage. What are we going to do?
It’s dirty money. -What are we gonna do?
-Calm down. Calm down. First, we have to kill the guy
in the trunk, he knows too much. -What? Then, return the 50 kilos
of cocaine that I promised in exchange for the money
to buy your truck, that I actually bought you. -Oh no! Really?
-Yes. How nice! I thought you
did not listen to me. -So cute!
-It’s nothing. -Thank you, my love.
-You’re welcome, honey. You’re welcome, dear. I really wanted a truck. Listen… -We have to go to Panama.
-To Panama? Why Panama? Because I have diarrhea! Bring the keys,
I’m crapping myself. Hello, good evening. I’m the person
who was there in the afternoon… Exactly, yes, the one
who adopted the two children. I wanted to know if it’s OK
to teach them to smoke, because I have a packet left,
I’m not gonna use anyway. Ah, no. No. Of course. What’s that? No, sorry! Since now. Yes, right. No problem, I’ll handle it.
Thank you. See you. Son of a bitch…

100 thoughts on “MIERDA

  1. Saludos desde Panamá acá los recibí con unos buenos bolillos de harina y tortas de jamón pero con jámon chingon jámon del bueno!

  2. – Y para quien compraste cigarros.
    – Para el que quiera fumar fernanda, ni modo que que o que.

    Jajaja lo mejor!!!

  3. Qué buen canal podrías hacer 2 cosas o hacer un crossover con enchufe tv o declararles la guerra y desterrarlos de su puesto

  4. Haaaa pero porque a Panamá? . Porque se dieron cuenta que este es el País donde no les hacen nada a los que roban?


    Es de los militares que mate para lanzar el cohete hacia la barber shop despues de hacerme un peinado mamalon



  6. Jskajajajajajajaajjaajajajsjjssjajsajaja que pedoooo jajajajajajaja como que niños Banco jajajaajajajajajajajajajaj ponganlr marca de agua o algo porque sino métodos van a rrobar los vídeos una muy bien vudeo

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