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Mindy Kaling's Sense Of Humor Was "Sprinkled" Throughout Hulu's "Four Weddings and a Funeral"

you can but not to the point where the characters don't feel developed in their own right of course you know but it definitely does have her sense of humor like I think in the second episode when Ainsley comes back to work after being dumped at the altar and finally she's like looking good and feeling good and feeling powerful and then her employee like cuts her down immediately it reminds me of the scene in late night where if you've seen it she's she walks up to her new job and she's like tread softly on my dreams and then she gets hit with a garbage bag it's like the same that's the same sense of humor um so you definitely see it sprinkled throughout there yeah there's also punch lines and lines that feel like you could hear them coming out of Mindy Kaling's you ever think when you're doing a line like that like I'll just do that I'll just say this line like Mindy would say it definitely here I can definitely hear the way that she's thinking of it you know like okay I get this line this is how she wants it didn't feel like you had a leg up on some of the other performers having worked with her one time before that you yeah yeah no height it was just nice to have that rapport that was already developed with her because I think Mindy is such a powerful force that she can she's intimidating you know people get like a little bit nervous around her so it was nice to to not feel to be the one who's not nervous to be they've not feel nervous around her and then I think maybe it was also nice for some of my cast mates to be like oh my god I'm nervous around Mindy and I could be like no she's really nice like don't be nervous because she's the boss but he's the boss yes but she's also really collaborative and respectful like I said

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