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Minecraft: *CRAFTING* AN ENTIRE ROCKET!!! - CRACK THE FAKES - Custom Map [4]

[Applause] [Applause] hey what's up dudes it's Pat welcome back to another minecraft video so we are finally continuing and cracked the fix it has been a super long time we need more videos to record because we're leaving for Denmark super soon and I was like let's bring this series out of retirement and finish this adventure map today remember we were about to head into space or chasing the villager dude I have all the parts on me I've got like rocket wings all the different things that we collected throughout the map okay so we have to build the rocket and not only that last episode I remember a love comes told me about six months ago when we made the last episode he said you guys missed the area in the garden that was made for you so I looked weird look at this oh look it's your area alright hold on I'm like flying through there so this is generous and look mine is right here we literally looked at everything looking for our area but we missed it I don't know this is the only thing we missed the area's Rock or the popular stone I like the Furious Rock yeah so what we need to do is get our super speed and we need to head back to where we ended the last episode which was right over here dudes and if you're new to the channel be sure to smash that subscribe but also smash that like button as well that would be absolutely amazing this is of crazy map we're about to go to space I believe I'm gonna be doing the crafting I have to remember this formula ok if you want to out-build it alright now I got this I'm pretty sure you gave me the materials at the end of emsisoft mill there okay um okay it's the Red Pony thing at the bottom or the helps okay then you got the square piece in the center I got that and then the triangle pieces on your side on the top no I'm in the middle okay in the middle and then the last piece I think it looks wrong wait I've missed the wings of the wrong side oh we did work it work I mean annoying okay what do we do now do we just hit these buttons or something wait oh maybe we go in here oh okay and step on the redstone and we're gonna fly in outer space well I think you accidentally pushed the levers up with they're supposed to be down okay all right so yeah we get those down now let's go in here and are you ready to go to space we do I see do you have it do you have the rocket I don't have the rocket what if I put down the black box okay all the parts Oh head out the front door to build the rocket you just built the rocky we literally just finished that part wait what I think I found a chest over here with some goodies okay all right way this is more important right now can you see if you define the rocket for us she just told us that we needed to build it apparently I already got this one oh it's right here you forgot to get the crafting table you could take it out it turned into a dispenser soap will stand right here and we're going to space here we go oh it's exciting you guys saw me do it I didn't just like this no confidence this is rock it says it on the screen Oh go inside agents okay how do we how do we maneuver our way into this fine craftsmanship no you built it I didn't place a door we are lucky that I'm an absolute genius I believe I feel you now Jeb okay oh there's an unguent over here oh we have do it yeah we just jump up all right this is very simple let me do like a nice medium jump I didn't die you died you died I didn't dive well I mean listen my name is not furies destroyer I could hardly tell all the parts head out the front door to build the run how does she not know this oh it probably did that do they spawn back in the other room do we need to put the fuel in wait do we have there's a spot to put the fuel oh do you have you no to you I've got prism erine crystals I don't know that is you are not but I'm checking out the bed section so we got two beds over here wait let me go up there so then we have like the washroom I guess over here is that what this is the bathroom I think yeah oh yeah this should just do it Oh area and found two fuel tanks they are both stuck in a tree but be careful it looks like they are being protected oh that big tree Jay there was this massive tree that must be where the fuel is only two of us I mean but the thing is remember like they're like they're gonna get filled throughout the trip so we need a lot of them all right here we go guys we need to get the fuel tank alright so you see the tree over here so we have super-jumping we do have electrons don't we yes good luck for me this is absolutely massive wait isn't that like huge thing in the trees oh it's gotta be oh it's a beehive oh I'm flying off jump up high and then use your Elektra oh um it's not that easy to control oh I landed on the behind you just gotta use your Elektra and then you use your rocket okay so I made it into the Beehive oh alright good I'm a little above so do you think there's like a hole into the Beehive like can we literally go inside I don't actually because it's kind of large so there could be a possible entrance to it alright you can talk about to be don't worry okay don't worry at all I'm looking around the Beehive just to see if there's any holes first the end it said it was protected I'm guessing it's protected by this beehive over here but it could be somewhere else in the tree – could be any of these spots right around should I fly around higher the trees on fire over here wait Liz oh no it's just a bee oh there's a chest over there no the bees are on fire for some reason oh that's fine all right so let's make our way to that and then we should be fine it's on one of the lower branches and there must be yeah there's so many bees in for some reason they're all on fire okay none of them are funny are they on fire OSE to chest alright alright stop now I'd say your spawn point okay okay you know with the spawn point thing we have we have a swamp oh it's a laser Drive I thought this was gonna be all we needed but it was just a laser Drive okay all right so almost a twenty one how are you doing in a race I'm checking this one another laser drive all right so I've got twenty two it's looking like I'm gonna have to use the electro oh yes do it yeah we go so I'm gonna fly all around this giant tree there has to be something oh okay I think I'm coming over to whatever you're talking about all right so where is the hole for it I've made it over to it all right and literally oh I do see the hole oh no this could be difficult I have no idea how I did that that was unbelievable wait I got my point so in case I die okay I think it said there were multiple trees so there must be another she liked this one okay but let's check all the shoulders just to make sure we'll be careful they're supposed to be I have your spawn point you must have thrown it at me okay I can take a small boy for you if you want I don't think that works wait I'm just you know climbing through grab it all the honey the bats seem to like me a lot nice boy wait oh I just got bit by a bat hold on I'm getting all the honey so you've got all one of the few tanks right boy here you go Keegan oh let's go we gotta go right now okay where are we going we need to find out a tree apparently okay all right so where is the other trees what I'm wondering well I'm gonna fly around the house I really think I'm going the wrong way right now I you don't maybe it's on the other side of where we were before like here where the rock it's gonna take off yes because this tree is massive there has to be another one lightness I don't think there would be another one in there because we only saw one beehive right okay so I'm just gliding through the air is that what you're doing to probably quit therapy Flo go check in the other side it did say in the story that there was two trees right it's a very important detail yet I'm going literally on top of the house right now I feel like I'm traveling all over the world I just I killed myself did you find the tree I'm not a horse no I found a chest it was on top of the house I feel like that would have been valuable to me Oh nada where it is we found the second tree over here it looks like this one is much more simple because there's an entrance right at the bottom of it oh I'm up to 25 now this is awesome my gosh cockroaches in here I'm not your man running I hate bugs they're really intimidating looks like a spider man just grab a weenie – lets go all right I'm trying to parkour to the top I think that's we're supposed to do yeah almost to the top now you could probably just fly to the top no I'll be my head I'll die all right don't worry I'm just distracting the cockroaches all right think oh I see the top over here I think I actually made it good like so oh I see a choker box and boom I got the fuel pocket I'm ready I'm coming let's go resistance and good all right so where is the rocket you're the one that brought us here and I really don't know what direction you want to follow me let's go look at there's beautiful rose bushes over here oh wait okay I fly over wait let's just take a quick selfie let me just like get in the rose bush oh they're disjoint us I think I literally am inside the rose bush now I'm literally trapped inside it get me out of this stupid rose bush it's so dangerous I can't get out of this thing well this is the enemy hope you enjoyed your adventure I'm getting out here good bye take a picture thumbnail all right you're gonna be stuck in here over and over again it's too dangerous you can't be over here behind now all right I am heading hopefully back to the right area now but I'm gonna fly on top of the house I can see where I actually am all right good oh yeah I'm not the rocket well weapon Lego a literally muscle flawed in the opposite direction of where the rocket is I'm looking for secrets oh okay yeah okay this is what I wanted to get before all right distant boom okay so are you on the roof yeah and there's a chest this has to be the most valuable chest because who would even go towards this one whoops oh my god I almost died I'm coming down where where you out y'all never gonna make it I have to put these inside I'm stuck in the ground alright here we go alright so I don't die on your way in alright I just got it you know take the small jump up and then we put the fuel down here so we pulled out the fuel right alright so based on this sign we need to go down okay alright so how do we get down further alright so I've got this what if I just click it yeah that's what I'm trying to do maybe we pour it in like that oh how did you yeah perfect look right I think so we chose right oh yeah this should be working alright let's go see if we can knock the button it's not gonna blow off to be perfectly honest it's gonna blow off all right bye and hair for your takeoff we built this big I built it some taking my credit blocks won't work here have taken the liberty of removing them from you I will also not be able to help you anymore good luck oh we're on our own we can't do this we cannot do this on our own oh my goodness it's like a huge palace on the moon Walters I think we're gonna end the episode right here I am terrified I need to go to the bathroom hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did definitely smash that subscribe button also smash that like button as well that would be amazing things guys so much for watching hope you off an everyday and we'll see you next time you guys you

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