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Minecraft Funny Moments - Fighting the Wither Boss!

what is that he's got three heads of these horn playing how do we alike I like Brian Sheila reminds me of jacksepticeye I should have expected that but I didn't teleported me numbers were on a teleporter too high in the air all right now that we have delirious here.i delirious team-building exercise okay long and hard to gather the supplies so that we can all come together as a team and working together yes the project is we do have long hard oh I'll get it is everybody ready I don't know he's got three horny fucking documentary this is this is like Cloverfield my sign if we have buckets of milk we do you get the wither pick off you let me know Chris grid please can friends milk everybody let's go we gotta go we gotta get the fuck out [Applause] [Laughter] no chance with me this chance to be going these asshole I'm sorry I'm it's okay it's okay I'm sorry I'm inside Homer I need to get a fucking I heard there was content here yes yeah lots of content along heroes my grab bitch we could keep them inside Walcott's house and put a bunch of tnt underneath it and blow it up do it gotta do it this is a black and white crime I have I have a grenade I have stuff I can kill him get him Lord get Lord hey it's not going well go home you think on paper this is a great idea I apologize to everyone I thought this would bring us together as a unit genuine bitch this is us you're probably wondering and this is the story about how I Met Your Mother come on come at me he's back to full health almost yeah it's been negated okay are you set the server alright goodbye guys Jesus Christ okay what are we doing here boys this time we're prepared to fight the wither boss yeah back up everyone back up form an outer ring be ready to shoot this thing with arrows and whatever you got if he hits you and you become wizard drink some milk shoot a fuck up I gotta be the last one that's spawn stop do anything if you spawn remember it's not how it works at all [Laughter] [Laughter] explosion can't fucking it up there we got this [Applause] everybody check your inventory nobody has it in their inventory does it do right there do you have it check your inventory I did not have it no I didn't know I didn't you wanna look back the footage we see eight grown men fighting over minecraft [Laughter] earthy that's one of the powers that it gives you Wow actually it was right here standing here bounce is standing here and no one else is wrong conveniently you are gonna be an awfully fucking well he's muted probably doesn't know okay he's been confessing this whole time I fucking found it from the beginning so I thought I'd play bit of Cluedo it's your dog cones and then he gave it to me and then I give it let us have really anti climactic ending videos itch okay what is this this we're building the fucking beacon with another star so we took the better start use some obsidian some glass boom all of us just take a bunch of fall damage though this is this is a bidet guys you guys are stupid what everybody okay I'm washing my butt right now see that for zero bidet it sends the shit the space you want to survive as long as you can't get on the box oh okay okay yeah it'll change back normal alright there's little boys here we go here we go yeah already shit's bad I'm good I'm good this is easy [Applause] all my songs are on four out of ten oh I can't see a goddamn image so Claude well I can't fucking see anything okay so you're all fucking dying come here mother fucker I can't see a goddamn thing why aren't you over me my whole screens are fucking fire huh No again that was warmer Brown no Ponton toilers kiss in your mouth all right boys the floor is lava let's do this plot against nogal shit but again stake in the ground simply give me a new stick you only have one stick we took one stick rolling give me a stick hit the piggy so fucking far shit you swung at me yes yes yes [Applause] are you kidding me dude I soaked over to your ass some bullshit I was gonna win that I felt it with this year comes boys dishwasher I noticed a cheaper that's how I stay idea

20 thoughts on “Minecraft Funny Moments – Fighting the Wither Boss!

  1. Terroriser: Charges at Wither riding a horse.
    Everyone else: Panicking and blowing up everyone’s houses.

    Arrows: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

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