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Minecraft Funny Moments - We Have a Chick-Fil-A Now! (Featuring Stairs)

hey what is up guys welcome back to another vanossgaming video if you guys want to join the membership squad for this channel make sure to click that join button below for some extra perks and content but anyways hope you enjoyed today's video thanks for watching and I will talk to you all later all right delirious listen up you've been hired to build my stairs with me I'm paying you in baked potatoes ugly staircase right here what is this it was during an emergency okay we have to get up there quick their case is gone look at that yeah yeah but we need a make up proper staircase there's like seven stair cases going on here genius at work you just made a bench I don't know what I'm doing look at all that up do you have any blocks do you have any like regular blocks regular blocks do you got any brick in the blocks the fuck was whoops hey look guys I made a half block look at this see this look at me a half block never seen before in Minecraft guys decide it's guys shut the fuck up shut up Wildcat walk at new glitch minecraft glitch in the title in the title let me see I'm coming I'm coming hold on I got my camera out I'm ready to thumbnails being made right now they're on high alert the description or I could you have made these stairs any longer coming up later snow he got his video shortest minecraft video ever you know there's something beautiful about the simplicity of just building things like stairs yeah it's beautiful man it's like watching a retard fuck a doorknob you've watched that before [Laughter] oh well Europeans get some weird TV stations man what do you think delirious what do you think what do you think please what do you think are you talking I don't know were you talking what do you went on that was that he's turned it to c-3po what's going on we need more stairs what are you doing I do sometimes I do work back here when waiting have you ever went that direction yesterday oh yeah I can tell by all the trees that are still there fucking Rain Man I need regular wood to be fucking Gianna me I just made stairs you told me just to make stairs look look how much fucking stairs I have Corner me tits look all I did was make stairs you asked for stairs looks like an art exhibit what are you doing oh you are so you do like stairs Jesus Christ Jesus man no let your stress of would you do it oh this is a path Nova this is a path that leads to a staircase from a staircase to another staircase from a staircase I'm fixing it I'm fixing it he's lit he lives there now fixing wrong Evan I'm helping you come over here so like if you're confused on where the stairs are Oh perfect but the button but you might be over here confused as well thank you thank you appreciate it all right boys listen our village has been experiencing quite a bit of development you know invent some new people move in these stairs new stairs structures we got newest stairs and guess what if it's big businesses have moved in I saw it already guys wanna come check it out come look I thought you're gonna say big dicks our food problems are solved look at this weight Webster we didn't play yesterday it wasn't open you didn't invite Marcel no no you learn afterwards come on in guys look it's chick-fil-a we have a very inhumane system of collecting chickens right in here beside their chicken wait what this is an automatic chicken this is our beautiful yes if you want to know how it works there's two dispensers in there the bottom dispenser dispenses an egg that hatches into a baby chicken the top dispenser dispenses lava if they're baby chickens the lava doesn't burn them but the second they grow into adult chickens hungry you guys can stop by the chick-fil-a and pick up some chicken I get a happy meal huh I get a happy meal this is a Wendy's look it's the manager no no close the manager these drive – do they not grow while we're watching or they like embarrass just takes time well I'm fucking hungry hurry up all right watching this one chicken die is not gonna feed you it will feed me with entertainment I just I just not got a rehab and I got the stuff Domino's comes Nick they're my ready to see the next show in town yeah yeah all right as you can see I made a face knife years I've been on the server for a lady finish much and I have created the first attraction of my soup Wow those took you 10 months delirious is a zookeeper yes I am the zookeeper and this is my zoo and as you can see look here's the fine bird it's attraction this is real yeah you look so vicious yeah check this out I'm gonna extend your eyes get them up let them stand up take them back take them back we need to save them we need to save them you bones he's gonna grow up if I keep feeding chicken don't worry we have plenty nice bud I'm giving them chicken about 20 features he's gonna be obese if we come on now come on sex with your mom come on there you go sit him down there we go this is where we understand water the the dogs that's Peter poop it might be poopy it's either food or poop what are the other if you couldn't tell paw print [Laughter] yeah you can go in I like your entrance [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] again these are friendly Canadians unless you boss them around they hate that yes to the next exhibit these are some slight boxes right here oh very sly yes you gotta be careful because they will escape and they will run away [Laughter] [Laughter] yeah the berries hurt you this is a design oh no its back in it's back in it's back in oh yeah he knew what was coming I forgot to show you my last exhibit the final exhibit come over come over for content it's the rare it's the rare Canadian out nice Oh Oh Santa most garbage oh thanks for the free food man because it's funny huh he's funny huh yep I'm all focused it what Warren notice much cheaper that's how I stay

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