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Mining Boom – Season 1 Episode 2 – Comedy Web Series

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did I need to get? How are ya! Jesus I thought you forgot me. Nice to meet ya so, Cillian. Like sittin in a feckin bog fire out there Then I saw the P.I.S. yoke on the car. Thank God, I says. How ya gettin on? Ah yeah, comin out of it now. Who are you? Where’d you come from? Cillian from Kilkenny, Ireland. Kilkenny, like the drink? Yeah Kilkenny, like the drink. Ah sure prefer Guinness myself but sure, it’s grand. Yeah but like, who you working for? P.I.S., well labour hire but they said someone from P.I.S. would pick me up. So I suppose working for P.I.S., so I am. Right, wouldn’t surprise me. I thought there was something else… Go ahead. How far away are you cuz? We need you bro. Dan signed you onto the permit I don’t have VOC but Dan said to
start anyway because the mine manager wants to check it out, just until you- What? Ah, be careful man though aye. Like, that tipper’s got a few issues man. The fucken tray sensor used to go off all the time, like iiiiieieiiie… like, since we dropped that bolder in it and like bent the chassis. So I pulled the wire to kill, it was so fucken annoying. Oh yeah, and if like the tray gets stuck up you just need to hop the brakes to unlock the ram. Actually, I’ll be there soon so just don’t drive it and I’ll show you through it. Ready Kilkenny? But bro! Yeah, that would have been good information ten
minutes ago bro. Will I call Dan? Fuck no bro, operators are on shift change. Don’t
think anyone’s seen us cuz. Um, the tray’s still up. Shit, Deep Fried said I can just
jump on the breaks. Still up Cuz. Shit bro, probably just need to do it
harder, aye. Um Cuz, there’s a big puddle of
oil coming out. I’ll just drive around and spread it real thin. Oh shit bro, he’s here already! Deep Fried? The mine manager bro! Let’s run bro! Shit, no we can’t he’s seen us. He’s seen me driving Cuz, fuck. Is Deep Fried’s VOC in the
glove box? Yep.
Sweet. Ah, but there’s a photo of Deep
Fried on it. How can I look like that pasty fuck? Sunscreen! Ah, it just soaks in bro. There’s this. Zinc cream, sweet as! Um, this is for tropical jock itch Ah bro! Deep Fried’s
ball rash cream all over my face! What about the hydraulic oil? We’ll say we’re going for a safety walk. Quick, bring all the paperwork! Here they are, the P.I.S. boys.
We just checked out your waste pile good progress. Hi. Thanks. What’s going on c*nt? Excuse me? I’m Tommy Baker man. Okay. Um, we’re just doing a safety walk to…check…um… there’s no overhead obstacles. Well done, good thinking. You can see there someone’s obviously hit it in the past. Dickhead c*nt. Are you okay? Yeah, he just gets um frustrated by um unsafe behaviour. Here’s our paperwork if you want a look. VOC Tommy Baker. Ah, that’s okay, you fellas seem to know what doing, I’ll leave you to it. Fuckin oath mate. Sweet as bro, totally got away with it, aye.
Jeez that was close. Couple of good workers right there. The
Kiwi guy Tommy, with the white shit all over his face is a bit of a strange one,
but have a look at them Out doing a safety walk for hazards. And their shirt sleeves are correctly rolled down. Right. You know what? I’m going to give
them the safety prize. Yep! Two paid holidays in Bali coming your way boys! Hey sorry, I just had to take cobsy here for a shit. I’m Tommy, Tommy Baker on the permit. I’m driving the tipper, VOC’s in the truck. I see.

50 thoughts on “Mining Boom – Season 1 Episode 2 – Comedy Web Series

  1. Hahaha! No matter how well your story is crafted, there's always some other cun7 that will drop you in it without even realizing!

  2. Thanks for the episode, laughed so damn hard when the mine manager commented about the kiwi guy with shit on his face.
    Looking forward to the next one!

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