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Miraculous Crack #2 – Silencer (Eng sub)

It’s a honor for the Palace’s restaurant to see such a great artist and his dad manager! Does that mean the dinner is free? No, I’m kidding Andre! Help! Our friend is akumatized! Ladybug and Chat Noir aren’t here to save us! Kids, this is ridiculous, we don’t believe it. Mr. Roth I am Marinette Dupain-Cheng I’m the one who sent you a video of our group Kitty Section. Video? What video? I don’t know what are you talking about, kid. Then I’ll recall your memory Look. The costumes, the masks, the melody, the choreography! It’s the same! No, it has nothing to do with this! What I see here is a stupid little group of amateurs! My son is a Solo artist! You will be the one who copied my son! You’re a wonderful girl, Marinette Clear as a music note, sincere as a melody! You’re the song I’ve heard in my head since we first met. Put some effort into it! Stop chatting and protect me! Sorry Ladybug, but what can you do, it’s a risk job! No hard feelings! Hello, I’m here My Lady! No need to send me messages anymore, you can talk to me! Of course! I should have known! Hey, that’s not very nice. We have a big problem. I can’t call my Lucky Charm or say Miraculous Ladybug. It’s true, that’s very worrying! The magical ladybugs won’t be able to fix damages caused by Silencer! And I can’t say detransformation formula. That means you’re going to be a mute Ladybug for the rest of your life?! On the other hand, it does have its perks. You won’t mock my humor anymore! Maybe I can try to imitate your voice! Lucky Charm! x4 I get it, I’ll be quiet now. There’s a frog in your throat? No. A night at the opera? We need to save him! Look Ladybug. You’re gonna have to move it a little and get rid of this supervillain! That’s your job and Chat Noir’s, isn’t it? Well, really, all of this is those brats’ fault, Kitty whatever. If the hadn’t gotten smart with this supposedly stolen idea, none of this would have happened! Alright, I’m coming! Let’s meet at the entrance of the film set! You guys suck at being superheroes, both of you! It’s stupid to explain your plan to the bad guy! And what’s this stupid Lucky Charm?! And here I thought it was supposed to be a magical item! But in reality, it’s just a silly toy! But you were wrong! Ladybug still has her power! Impossible! I took your voice! How could you have cast your Lucky Charm?! What did you think? That I would tell everyone the truth that I stole the Kitty Section’s song, and the costumes of your girlfriend to give them to my idiot son?! What’s happening to you? What are you all smiling about suddenly?! We’re smiling because you’re on air, Mr. Roth. All you just said was broadcasted live!

100 thoughts on “Miraculous Crack #2 – Silencer (Eng sub)

  1. 0:46 why is that funny? I still think Marinette's cat masks are really well made. She kind of made it her own style.

  2. If you haven't a life, go and see this video. For one time you'll have a really happy life, with a really real laugh and a really real smile cause this will take away your sadness and you'll be happy.
    THE END.

  3. Not going to point out how gay luca was
    Alright that's fine
    recalls lip touching
    recalls him tackling chat

  4. THIS Cracks me so much!!!! at |1:40 to 1:50| The part where Luca was like Why The F**K are you LYING!!!! why you always lying… Hmmmm OMG!! STOP F***en Lying! This also cracks me that part where Mr.Roth is Like shes a B**ch A B * * C H..

  5. Funniest moments in the video

    0:59 hahahaha

    1:29 haha

    1:40 the best funniest XD

    1:56 hahah

    1:59 what lmao hahaha

    3:32 hahaha

    3:36 XD

    3:57 XD

    4:17 PF….. Hahaha

    4:38 hahaha

    5:05 ……

    5:18 hahaha

    Edit: I paused the video to write this XD

  6. when cat noir said lukey charm i laughed so hard cuz i feel like when cat noir said it in french its more funny XD

  7. That the same way I feel when Adrien is with that sword girl.

    Me: You better step back from Adrien, he’s been saved for Mari and Ladybug.

    Oni-Chan: Adrien is mine

    Me: Don’t let me jump into my phone, cause if I do I will have my own super power, it’s called Mari Fangirl

  8. Czy może mi ktoś powiedzieć jak znaleźć ten śmiech na yt ten z 47 sekundy ?😅😅😅po za tym mega te filmiki 😅

  9. I think lukanette is a FRIENDship they can be very good friends, Luka protects marinette and marinette likes to hang out with Luka and they do make a good couple….couple of friends -_- what I'm trying to say is, did u see how they look to eachother before doing the spy thing? They looked like "u thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" And that was….u know…cute, but CUTE AS FRIENDS. So stop shipping them everyone and strart to think that a girl and a boy can be friends
    Omg I wrote toooo much ಠ_ʖಠ

  10. Silencer looks like a Mega Man character. I've seen the French and English version and never said this in a comment XD

  11. XY's ego stretches longer than his hairdo 😛
    Ugh he and Lila need to get kicked out of this show..

  12. Lol this makes me want to lean French! Time to download dulingo!
    If you have any language apps please tell me!

  13. Is it just me or is the quality of the animation much clearer in episodes like this and the puppeteer 2 as well as more compared to other past episodes like weredad
    Like i prefer the quality much clearer as it looks more realistic and now i think its getting better as we move further onwards to the ending of season 3
    Ok just me then 😂 …

  14. Why didn't silencer just used ladybug's voice and said spots off and viola the big reveal and we are done why does everyone in this show blind and stupid


  16. Ok ok this might be just me but…
    I could recognize that tone ANYWHERE the ending song like at the very end when it was just tunes
    Those tunes were for “bakemonogatari” the anime series!!!!
    its the 4th op btw

    Weeboos that one was for you 😉

  17. Just notice that right here 2:30 when shes spelling the word she spells it wrong she says 'C-T' when it's supposed to be 'T-C lol 🤣

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