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Miraculous Crack #7 – Gamer 2.0 (Eng Sub)

It’s been a while sice I played a video game… NO! I will not give up With the T-shirts for Kitty Section, history test and designing the poster for Jagged Stone. I still have 72 hours of work to do by tomorrow! And the rest of the week is even worst! I would love to play your game, Max! But I promised Prince Ali to participate in his charity cruise, I’m sorry. I’m sure I would beat you, but I have to go at the swimming pool. Ondiane is already waiting. I can’t. I have a roller skationg competition this Sunday and if I don’t train, I won’t be at my best. It really sounds great, but I have fencing, then Chinese lessons and then a photoshoot But we have a meeting with the editor and we’re still missing few more pages! We would love to, but we’ll be trying on Marinette’s new T-shirts. Hey! Marinette! She’s the most talented gamer in our class! (then why didn’t you ask her in the first place) We won the Ultimate Strike competition together! She has to… NO! My turn! My turn! Frightningale, Stormy Weather are spectacular, but too strong for the first round. My Copycat! Noo… I’m also too strong,
it would be too easy 😛 Choose Copycat and use the Cataclysm in order to get out of here! Too bad there are no pigeons around here! See, I’ve found one and I even have a name for him. The Fenix’s Flame *Now that’s the real GANG* It will be the quickest victory of all time! My turn! It brings back memories… What you’re gonna do now? bye bye Stop playing around Chat Noir! We need to end this fast! Gorizilla Stone Heart What are you waiting for? FIGHT! If you don’t, all of the prisoners will stay here forever! We can’t do that! You know I love to fight by your side M’lady. But to fight against you? Never Chat Noir, what are you doing? I’m saving some time. Did you think that you would defeat me with that trick? Be a good girl and give me your Miraculous. You’ve defeated me. Bien joue (pound it) Tell me, Chat Noir. Being a superhero and having also other responsibilities how do you find time for fun? Aren’t you afraid of sacrificing everything, for all this? The moments I enjoy the most and prefer
are when I am with you, M’lady

100 thoughts on “Miraculous Crack #7 – Gamer 2.0 (Eng Sub)

  1. Did Marinette skip like a grade or two? Cuz supposedly she's turns 14 in Befana, but in Season 1 Alya mentions that their class uses a 10th grade textbook and 10th graders are usually 15-16 so….???

  2. 3:33 same…

  3. are you going to do the crack about party crasher cuz tomorrow is going to be the puppeteer 2 and then you need to do to two cracks and I'm still waiting for that

  4. do you want to talk about miraculous? because uh damn you are so good in cracks 😀

  5. Question: Marinette is 14 right? But as of the Animation episode, the director said he worked on the Ladybug animated movie for 3 years…at least i think he said 3 years. I’ll have to recheck the episode.

  6. 4:12 I think marinette has been waiting for this moment for too long lol
    4:40 dark Cupid and zombizou and future chat blanc although against his will lol

  7. Ladybug is tearing at the Chat Noir, because he has not chosen a character yet, and she could have said in a calm voice that he would move and fight with the villain. BUT IT'S A STEREOTYPIC WOMAN, someone will say lol

  8. chat noir: I will always fight beside you, but never against you m' lady

    also, chat noir in episode 22: *gets AKUMATIZED * give me your miraculous

    i cant wait for chat blanc episode!!!!! who else cant wait?

  9. it wasnt “what are u gonna do now? bye bye” it was “you see me cat walkin, they hatin” isksksksls the english one was better😭

  10. Reflekta is the new boss of the far west xD

    Reflekta è la nuova boss del far west xD e poi dicono che nn è tanto potente xD io la adoro

  11. She is not 14. In the origins, she said that Chloe might be in her class for the 4th time in a row, and their in like high school right? High school takes 4 years. Maybe I’m wrong idk?

  12. 4:50 Mmm, whatcha say? Mmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did. Mmm, whatcha say? Mmm, that it's all for the best? Of course it is. Mmm, whatcha say…~

  13. 5:08 I SCREAMED
    5:16 i cried. X2.
    i was like:

  14. Why did u have to bring back that death?? Omg I cried for like the 100th time when I saw that!!😭😭

    It’s fine I know it’s apart of the crack
    Black widow RIP❤️😭

  15. In the english version Reflekta says "they see me catwalking…… they hating" as an ode to "they see me rolling, they hating…."

  16. let me just say, the endgame one broke my heart. that was NOT okay to just throw that at me. i’m still and will never be over that.

  17. 5:07 MINECRAAAAAAFT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Damn it i'm stupid

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