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49 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug CRACK #3

  1. *into the video…*

    Ladybug/Mari : F**k you~! F**k you~! F**k you very very muchhh~
    Adrien : …o-o
    Lila : >:(
    Ladybug/Mari : 😌
    Adrien : 😐
    Lila : 😬
    Director : CUTTTTTTT! Lila Say something!
    Lila : F*k this sh* I’m out.
    Director : LILAA-

  2. This, this video got me into the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. Watching this video once again after watching MLB for the first time in months just makes me smile like a dork. Your welcome c:


  3. 4:26 Ladybug: Where'd you get the body from?
    Chat noir: Oh I work out a lot~ Shows her his noodle muscles

  4. Here’s what I think who’s zodiac signs is who’s
    Tikki: Pisces
    Plagg: Taurus
    Marinette: Gemini
    Adrien: sHe’S a VeRy GoOd FrIeNd

  5. I'm a fan girl but I wasn't like EEEEEEEEEEEK but like if you were like Dat I want some likes I never get likes

  6. How come when time breaker toucher chat noir he faded but when ladybug touched timebreaker she didn't fade?🤔🤔

  7. 3:00 When you recognize your native language and you feel like a boss but ur not 😂
    Edit: 6:00 I brained freeze lmaooo

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