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Missy | “Oh, don’t be a bitch” [HUMOR +10×11]

Hello, I’m Doctor Who. And these are my plucky assistants. Thing one and the other one. How much a drop would you say that is? Um, you could chuck a stone down or something. Oh yeah, good idea! 20 feet. Oh… Saucy. Honey, listen to him. Why? Because if somebody kills you and it’s not me, we’ll both be disappointed. Get in. Well, take a few more minutes if you like. He likes me. So exciting. You will be exterminated. Please, please do, because I have been on my feet all day. Knock yourself out. Actually, do that. Knock yourself right out. Team. Who’s going to help me hide his guitar? Let’s go and kill ’em. Come on. I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix. Of course I can. Are we having fun yet? But it’s probably easier if I just show you. Oh. Umm… I’m really trying not to kill anyone today, and it would be tremendously helpful if your major arteries were out of reach. Just feeling a little bit emotional at the moment. I want some new books, some toys, 3D printer and a pony. Are you human? Oh, don’t be a bitch. Tell them the bitch is back. I’ve just been executed show a little respect! Would it help you focus if I extracted some of your vital organs and made a lovely soup? Well, look at me. I’m bananas. We don’t want Missy getting any ideas. Oh, one should always try to avoid those. Look at that. Now there’s a surprise. Are you eating? No. Yeah, well, don’t test me.
Eating crisps! I’m sorry, was I, um… Was I boring you?

100 thoughts on “Missy | “Oh, don’t be a bitch” [HUMOR +10×11]

  1. Why do all the outrageously fantastic female characters on the show have to die or leave?! Rose..River Song…Missy…Amy. 😣

  2. Missy > Clara, Amy, Rory, Rose, 12th Doctor, 11th Doctor, 9th, 8th, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, oh look. She’s killed you with her bomb. Bye-bye!

  3. This is actually the best thing I've seen since the end of season 10. I've lost count of the number of times i've pressed the replay button! xD

  4. she was nuts and she loved it and she made me love it to. Gawd she was the best thing in DW. Simm who? His was annoying. She was breathtaking xD

  5. I refuse to believe she’s gone. The Master has never stayed dead and he loves himself too much to give up on at least regenerating. Plus, time is non-linear. She’ll be back.

  6. Missy: how much of a drop do you think that is?

    Cara: i dont know… throw a rock down there

    ( missy pushes cara ) mhm.. 20 feet!

    I love that part!

  7. Please exterminate me cause I've been on my feet all day
    Hahahaha I promise from now on I will only say exterminate me instead of kill me

  8. Missy is such a Monster. Even my favorite depiction of the Doctor doesn't have an inch against this version of the Master.

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