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OMG The thing is smoking *laughter behind camera* Uh-Oh *Joey’s intro music plays* Ah, Good day everyone! And welcome to today’s video where i have a lot of ice cream right next to me! So you know what that means, it’s gonna be a good video! So as you guys know, i’ve been doing this series where I mix a bunch of one particular theme of thing together and I taste what that would taste like, uh, I have done every flavor of alcohol, every juice, every soda, every cereal, every cake mix, Theres a whole damn playlist if you wanna watch them I will link it down below. uh, But today we are going to mix every flavor of ice cream together in a bowl and taste it. Now, um, I don’t do dairy, So this is all dairy free ice cream, um, I have tried vegan ice cream in the past, and it is not the greatest… but *laughs* I think if you mix it all together it should be good, right? uh, So I guess without further ado, lets mix together all these ice creams, And see what the final flavor will be. Shall we? We shall. *claps* Ok, lets start at the top of the tower, uh, this is a cookie dough! Oh my gosh! I actually have never had this before So um, this is going to be this is gonna be something good I bet! oh, its also more frozen then the last time that i tried this So i feel like that also plays into how good ice cream is… mmmm! ok, This is the best! I love how i’m like, point 2 seconds in, i’m like “oh it’s the greatest!” *laughs* I’m just going to scoop a bunch in of each flavor, and have a um, a Mixer that is going to mix it all together I don’t know how well this is going to work I feel like it might have to melt down just a little bit, but um, we’ll see what happens. OK, Next one into the bowl, What is this? Mint galactica Ooh! This one’s good too! Ok, alright vegan ice cream coming back in, for the kill OK! Next one is… What are you?? A Summer Berry Swirl So i guess it’s like a berry ice cream I dunno, ‘ive never had this flavor before So this is going to be real interesting… *puts down container* I dunno what it tastes like! It’s good! I just don’t know what the flavor is… I guess its berry flavor *laughs* Im not sure My hands are so cold from these damn pints of ice cream! Ok, i kinda want to mix these three, just so we don’t get too crazy, I’m going to see if this even works So lets put in on low power *mixer turns on* Oh my god *mixer whirs* *mixer whirs* *mixer slows down* Maybe lets try High Power I dunno if this is the right thing to be mixing with! Wow, this is very thick.. This is hard, to do Ok, so that’s 3 flavors mixed together so far *Loud Sigh* ok, next into the tank um, is a coffee bean flavor which coffee is my favorite type of ice cream I don’t think i’ve ever had vegan coffee ice cream So, i’m excited to try this one out I’ve never even heard of this brand it’s called, Almond cream Whoa! That’s a pretty ice cream! Look at that, Chunks of coffee bean in there Oh my god.. Ok It kind of taste like an ashtray… I don’t know why, but it does Um, Its a very weird coffee flavor So, we’ll just um, put that right on in there and move along yeah, not the, not the greatest ice cream flavor That’s unfortunate you’ve deceived me Ok, lets have a little bite *ice creams falls on table* Oh my god *ice cream thuds on table* Oh my damn goodness graciounious This is by far the best tasting vegan ice cream i have ever had This is the “So Delicious Snicker doodle flavor” Holy damn crap *ice cream thuds on table* That tastes like a damn snicker doodle!! That’s what i’m talking about! Wow, that’s freaking good! Ok, the next one is, just a basic vanilla flavor Although its called Very Vanilla So, it’s not just basic vanilla, it’s Very Vanilla Oh My God, thats very vanilla-ey It actually is very vanilla-ey *laughs* I’m not going to lie Ok, so time to mix in these three new ingredients just cuz I don’t want this to get too intense So, lets get to mixing *glass thuds on table* This is so difficult! *mixer thuds on table* I’m going in with a spoon! *spoons clacks on glass* OK! Moving right along We are going in with our, oh… just, a Naked coconut flavor! *ice cream lids hits table* I bet this is gonna taste good I’m gonna get a stomachache by the end of this Mmmmm OK That’s really freaking good So this coconut… flavor Guess what, it tastes like coconut So that’s good, No surprises there! Moving right along! We are going to do the cookies and cream flavor, which, is another, great flavor might i say *lid thuds on table* *sound of plastic ripping* But lets see if it holds up True taste tester Joey damn Graceffaniscfa-fisca *bites ice cream* Nope! Ok, the next one is… Oooh! Banana chocolate chip! ok, that sounds good MMMMMM!! That’s a good one! My goodness! That tastes like a freaken frozen banana chocolate frozen banana Delicious! What is this? oh, that’s the almond cream brand! What did they do? Oh, they did the coffee one before that we didn’t like but this one is good! They had a redemption Next is just classic chocolate , which you can’t go wrong with chocolate So, lets just as that in. *plastic rips* Very good Honestly, i feel like So Delicious, so far, *ice cream falls on table* Ooops *laughs* Has been the best brand that we have, um tasted so far So, way to go So Delicious. Minus your, um.. Cookies and Cream flavor Alrighty, lets mix these up now *mixer whirs slowly* *mixer whirs slowly* this is so difficult to mix up! My goodness! But look at it, it’s looking really freaken crazy! Holy crap! *laughs* My goodness! This is the ultimate ice cream bowl right here ok, so we have 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6 , 7 We have 7 more flavors, you know what? I’m just going to add these 7 flavors in real quick! And then we’re gonna mix it all together *plastic rips* So this next one is… uh, Mint chip *spoon thuds* You know what? I’ve had enough ice cream and i honestly cant taste anymore So we’re just gonna plop these in It’s gonna be a mystery surprise flavor going on here *ice cream thuds* Next is… OH!! Maple Pecan! Ok, wait sorry, i have to try this one! *top hits table* I know i just said I wasn’t going to, but I’ve never had this flavor So i don’t know what it is Oh! Mmmm it kind of tastes like pancakes Cuz of the Maple Syrup *laughs* I assume.. That’s pretty good! Wow! Mmhmmm Mocha almond Fudge, and its by Sooo Delicious *top hits table* Which means, we could be in for a treat right here. Lets see if this mocha is better than that other coffee one *ice cream hits table* Mhmmm Now thats what I call coffee ice cream Next one is the Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge *lid hits table* Oh, that just is asking to be eaten I love how I always say i’m not going to try anymore because i’m getting sick, but, here I am Eating every damn ice cream Oh, this is the best chocolate one I’ve had so far Next is cherry Amaretto I don’t know what Amaretto is, but sure.. ooh that’s a pretty color! Lets just give it a lick That’s good! It tastes like Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry’s! That’s good, I like it Cappuccino Swirl! *lid hits table* We’re just adding all these coffee flavors, I hope it doesn’t overpower it too much *plastic rips* Lets see *ice cream container hits table* ok, and last but not least is, Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Caramel Fudge So, theres definitely a lot of coffee esq. flavors in this so i’m wondering if that’s going to be the overall flavor that we’re gonna get.. But um, I guess we won’t know until we try *ice cream thuds on table* *Joey sighs loudly* ok, my hands are so freaking frozen! Oh my gawsh! *licks hand* Mmmmm A little bit of chocolate left over I need to warm up my hands and then i’m going to get to the final mix! And then we get to taste! *claps hands* *glass bowl thuds on table* You know, its moments like this when, Im just.. Really… Amazed that this is what my job is When i was a kid, eating ice cream from the freezer never did i think, you know what? One day i’m gonna mix every flavor of ice cream together, And um, I can call that my job, so.. Don’t go to college kids *laughs* Just kidding! That’s the worst advice ever *mixer whirs* Oh my god! The thing’s smoking! *laughter behind camera* Uh Oh! There literal smoke coming out of this! I think I’ve broken this.. Like, legit, there is smoke coming out this.. *mixer whirs slowly* ok, Lets make some more smoke This things gonna explode! Ok, it’s very faint and you probably can’t see it on camera, But i think i have to be done with this thing, because it overheating I think we need to go manual on this one This is absolutely insane! There’s like, 18 flavors of ice cream in here right now That i’m just trying to mix around Well, i think this is as good as im going to get with mixing So, lets take our big spoon Well actually, let me show you guys what this is looking like So here it is *laughs* 18 flavors of ice cream mixed together uh, this is honestly the ultimate ice cream bowl So, i’m probably going to attempt to eat this entire thing! Uh *laughs* just kidding Tha wouldn’t be a good idea now, would it? No Small scoop of ice cream *laughter behind camera* Oh my gosh! *laughs* Wow! So, I feel like it’s been mixed together very well i’m going to take a couple bites, just to make sure but um, lets go in for our first bite Wow! That’s really freaking good! I mean, It’s just a bunch of sugar and coconut cream, and almond cream
mixed together But… that’s a good freaken flavor! I’m getting a hint of mint, I’m getting a lot of the cinnamon from the snicker doodle I’m getting some chocolate, im getting some coffee This is really weird, because a lot of times when i do these videos, the taste kind of gets too overwhelming that there is no flavor.. But with this one, i can actually taste a lot of the flavors which is really crazy, and surprising So lets go in for another bite on the opposite side And lets get it from a different area ok, got some chocolate chips on this one! This is delicious! Holy freaken crap! I feel like my eyeballs are about to explode out of my face! I’m going to get an extreme sugar high after this This is a good freaking flavor! Someone needs to create an all.. an every flavor ice cream Why hasn’t anyone done that? Ben and Jerry’s get on that! you need to mix 18 flavors together and make it into one canister That’s what i’m talking about I honestly want to like re-freeze this and just keep it in my freezer, and just use this as my ice cream my go to ice cream Lets just um, take a moment lets guess how many sugars are in this bowl So there 18 sugars per serving.. And um, a serving is.. Half a cup And there’s 4 servings per container So lets say i put 2 servings in, so.. Ok, so I have a feeling there is about 700 grams of sugar in here Uh, which is absolutely insane! So *glass bowl thuds on table* Holy freaking crap! That’s a lot of damn sugar if i were to eat this whole thing! So yeah I guess this is the end of the video I hope you guys enjoyed me tasting all ice cream flavors combined! I think this is my favorite tasting, the whole series that i’ve done so far i mean, it is ice cream *hand thuds on table* How wrong can you go with ice cream? So, if you guys did enjoy this video, And you wanna see more mixing *Blank* together Please give this video a thumbs up! And give me some suggestions down below of what you would like to see next And uh, yeah, that’s it for today! I love you, i will see you all tomorrow Good damn bye! *Joey’s outro music plays*


  1. Was I the only one thinking it would've been smarter to just melt it all down, mix it, then re-freeze it? Easiest way to mix 18+ flavors.

  2. He really just said "let me get a small scoop of ice cream" and got a giant spoon full bigger than his head

  3. I can hear someone behind the Camera Eating something, probably the left over Ice Cream. Kinda making me triggered… just a Little bit

  4. I honestly don't know if you will ever see this comment, but you should do the ice cream mixing everything in again, but with milk, so like I do this a lot idk why but what I do is that I put ice cream in my cup and a good portion of milk and I'd mix it all together, and like you would still taste the ice cream but I would just drink it idk why like I said but you should put all the ice cream flavors and then add a good amount of milk and mix it all together idk just a suggestion if you wanna try it or not but I love you❤ and your amazing yt videos

  5. Actually you can go very wrong with ice cream. Back in town I grew up in we had a LOT of cicadas one summer, and an ice cream parlor made cicada ice cream. (cicadas are these big green bugs, they are noisy as hell.)

  6. It was not the right thing to mix with… u use it to purée, I literally used it yesterday day to purée tomatos u should hv used a hand mixer


  8. you should have melted all of then and then freezed them back into ice cream that would have been better…

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