Laughter is the Best Medicine

MKC / Humor

What’s up Semih? The man is dying right now! He will die anyway, we shall bury him in the garden and be done with it! Are these organic? They are from my garden. You can eat them comfortably. Is there agricultural medicine in it? I said they are from my garden, no medicine in it. It’s good if they are from garden. He would be upset for a few days, then he’ll be fine again. What do you mean he would be upset for a few days? Did i make this kid to make him upset? Won’t they ask me, “If you are upsetting this child, why did you make him?” Did you try to kidnap me? Am i a bride? A horse? What are you doing, who are you kidnapping huh?! What’s going on? Brother! What’s going on? Next to fire and all? Okay, it’s enough hugging. Come here Kaan, let’s take a photo together. If you want i can take it. No thanks, we can do it. You’ll like it on facebook later. Towel? Am i someone who would enter the shower before finding a towel? Let me see what have you found? Don’t be ridiculous! But isn’t a used towel shame to your beautiful baby skin? A woman divorces only because of two reasons. One, she fell for someone else. I should leave. Sit down! If i’m going to clear my name with the help of this guy, i’d rather stay as a fugutive. Am i doing it? Am i looking at others? Please… After all i am a handsome man too. What are you doing? Why do you have his phone number? I collected phone numbers of people around you, just in case. Who drove you here? At this hour how did you come here? With Barca… We had dinner with Uncle Feridun. Look i’m going to tell you something but don’t get angry, okay? Is there someone else? Am i speaking about that? That? So there is a possibility? How can you do this? When i’m in prison, how can you do this? What are you two doing? Going out? Going to walks together? Nilüfer, we are in winter! Winter! You know very well what does winter mean! Winter means fog on the car windows, fog on the car windows mean romance! You got the girl. My destruction is your rising huh? Hopefully same happens to me too. What are you doing? I thought we could watch a romantic movie together. Is that our wedding? Hmm. I couldn’t find something more romantic and funny than this. Look i want to be the brain. I want to no longer do all these chase stuff. I want to make time for my child. Kürşat do you understand me? Kürşat, i’m a trained personnel, okay? I want organization to use me to their benefit. But because of criminals like you, it doesn’t happen! Put it on, put it on tight. You do this math since you are little. You walk around all cute, then what do you do? You rub it, you shine it, you slap it! You rub it, you shine it, you slap it! I am a man with pride, okay? So she can do whatever she wants. When she does what she wants, you beat the up the men she goes on dates with. Of course i do. What will i do? If she goes on a date again, i will beat that guy too. Nilüfer helped and left. She won’t be hurt. Nilüfer?? Calling her name like she is your friend? Are you disturbed? Isn’t her name Nilüfer? What is it to you?! What shall i call her? Don’t call her anything. You won’t have her name in your mouth. I think she should stay with you. You will make her spy me, right? So there is someone else. Look i am getting suspicious. I don’t know what’s happening but you lost weight, you are going to gym and you look gorgeous… What’s going on? Huh? I didn’t stop you because i care about you or i love you. It’s because i was doing my work. Oh no, i thought you did it because you love me. Even your father doesn’t love you, you are that unlovable. The guy who eats cupcake for breakfast, does the government need your brain? I ate eggs for breakfast, i can speak. You are guilty. I saved MKC and brought him here, you should thank me. Why would i care about MKC? Wait a minute. “saved” is a little too much, and what do you mean “why would i care about MKC”? Nilüfer tell me then tell me! Stuff in your drawer! Nilüfer, i get hungry at night okay? There are chocolate bars etc, i am a human too. what can i do? I am a human too! What are you doing, i honestly don’t understand? Do you set alarm to wake up and commit crime? At least wait until the noon! At least obide the laws until noon! Do i have to bear this?! The day i divorced you is my personal holiday. Holiday of sabotage. Sabotaging my happiness, family and peace. I’m smart, handsome, charismatic… I may not to your liking which makes me very happy but there are many women out there who would fall for me. Surely there is someone out there who would love a maniac like you. Bullet proof vest? Do you love me that much? F*** you. Admit it and be relieved! You love me, right? I was wondering what will we do from now on… From now on? So we are opening a clean page… You went through a lot of troubles, so that they wouldn’t happen again… You were worried. And now you’ll confess how much you are in love with me… I’m listening. Where did you find each other? From facebook. Face what? God, i’m still holding my abdest, please, please, help me at dinner tonight. I can feel that you are sending good things my way…. ************* (curse) So? Why are you in prison? I killed a man. Wow. Extortion and stabbing someone. Wow. You are professional… Nice. I love people who do their jobs well.

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