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[ MMD ] Naruto On Crack - Part 1

okay and do you get any exercise the only thing I exercise is my right to vote vote this year for Hillary Clinton the hell rumpus if you love me love me taking a day I am right the food was great fangs perfect so we'll see you next time okay love you I love you too wait stop please don't kill me I never intended to harm you I swear I am trying to end the festival what do you mean I was going to use your ship to destroy the rich assholes that run our society and save my people from the horrors of this yearly festival I was writing in my journal about my girlfriend we broke up if there's one thing in this house I know how to do it's how to cook all right what are you making fire over there okay hey yeah you you break her heart I'll cut your dick off look you pass thing you want some are you talking like that Italian are you Seri wait God you got trouble fuck you know I'm stressing out relax I'm stressing out you this is not cool Taco Bell tastes like dog shit hey you know what dog should taste like bro that's it oh my god Jews make it look like he got knocked out by a girl oh I love it when you're even me have my most emails we're even there okay kids what did you guys do over the week are you doing that why did I choose this job so he broke up with me huh why are you looking up need to cry but my foundation was $48 my man but his new girlfriend she's like oh my god I'm just hey everybody and welcome back to cooking with Deadpool today I'm gonna show you how to make the perfect chimichanga all you need is some tortillas meat stuff cheese and some fresh salsa next I just throw everything into this big-ass bowl and mix the hell out of it once that's done stick this unholy concoction in the oven and bake for let's say six hours luckily we have one already prepared let's check on it now yo Jimmy J Avignon how can I believe me my family just keep the chimichangas coming Paco or else things are really gonna start cooking in there well folks there you have it the perfect chimichanga tune in next week when my guest dr. doom whips up a casserole that's to die for literally are they gonna be all right sorry I didn't mean to squeeze so hard I was lost in thought wait a minute no you can't be dead I'm really sorry I really truly swear I'm never having kids

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