Laughter is the Best Medicine

MMS on Crack//Part 2//Vine Animatic

(Mii music intensifies) Jonathan: Oh yeah and second of all YOUR BROTHER Gabe: YOU’RE DISRESPECTING YOU’RE DIS…RESPECTING A future…US army soldier! Jennica: In every group of friends There’s the dumb one… Jonathan: REALLY?! Emma: I SAW YOU HANGIN OUT WITH (MAIRA) YESTERDAY! Jennica: E-EMMA! IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! Emma: I WON’T HESITATE (BINCH) (Get oofed) Jonathan: How tall are you? Caiden: (5′ 9″) Jonathan: How tall are you? Jennica: I AM (4 FOOT 8 INCHES AND 3 QUARTERS) I WILL DESTROY YOU! B-Day Gang: YA YEET Jonathan: dOn’T yOu EaT aNy Of My FoOd! Tyler: I’M hUnGrY!!!!!! Jennica: Remember this dumb(asdf) with all these fake (asdf) people? Jonathan: Hey! Jennica: Hey! (Fukin Binch) Jennica: You stay positive You always believe that everything’s gunna work out! How do you do it? Jonathan: Well… I’ll tell you my secret, (miss) I LIE TO MYSELF Every morning when I wake up I say “Everything’s gunna be okay” BUT I’M LYING AND I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN DO IT (Jonathan’s mating call) Have a swell night, (miss)! (Upbeat depression)

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