Laughter is the Best Medicine

37 thoughts on “Models falls over twice – anchor man can't stop laughing

  1. Some people have laughs that spread like wild fire. I can't possibly listen to these to guys without getting stomach cramps 😀

  2. LMAO! The part of the models falling wasnt soo funny but what got me laughing was when the anchor man bustin out laughing! haha

  3. LMFAO!! The slow motion at 30 sec. make her look like she was doing the James Brown and wasn't ready for those kind of moves. lol

  4. the 2 newscasters have me in stitches never mind the coat hanger…er…model!!! a hell of a lot funnier than some 'comedians'!

  5. oh lol loooooooooooooool I'm not laughing at the poor model, I am wheezing right along with the reporters. OMG that was hilarious- made me cry. I was even panicked that I couldn't stop laughing for a moment or 2, this kinda stuff could lead to laughing all the way to the hospital. My God funny stuff listening to those 2 guys!

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