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Mom’s on the Phone with the Sex Store (feat. Jimmy Kimmel) – PRANK – Crank Yankers

[phone ringing] Castle Mega Store. Hey, how’s it going? CASTLE MEGA STORE ATTENDANT
(PHONE): Pretty good, and
yourself? Good, thanks. Do you have those
pumps for the penis, the suction penis
enlarging pumps? Yeah.
We sure do. JIMMY (PHONE): You do. That’s great. And what are– what’s the
price range on those things? They range anywhere in
price from about $30 up to, for a whole set, probably
about $500, $600, $700. Whoa. [dialing] $500, $600, $700. Hold on a second– hold on a second. Hey, mom. Hang up the phone. Oh. I’m sorry. JIMMY (PHONE): I’m on the phone. Please hang up. Who is the voice. JIMMY (PHONE): It’s–
don’t worry who it is. Just hang up the phone. I’m on the telephone. Well, now, I have to know. It’s a pizza place. I’m ordering a pizza.
OK? Please hang up the phone. Well, I was making dinner. JIMMY (PHONE): I know
you’re making dinner. I want to order a pizza. Do you mind if I eat a pizza? I’m 35 years old. Thank you. Anyway, $700? Yeah, the [inaudible] pumps– What’s the name of that one? Boston Pump– Pump Works. JIMMY (PHONE): And how
does that work exactly? You put your [bleep]
and balls in there. You pump it. The suction– JIMMY’S MOM (PHONE):
You know what? If you’re gonna get
pizza, I’ll have pasta. Mom, hang up the phone. If you’re gonna get
pizza, I’ll have pasta. Do they have pasta too? I’ll order you pasta. Hang up the phone please. Well, like, what kind? Jesus Christ. What kind of pasta do you have? Well, we’ve got a– we’ve got lasagna. They have lasagna. You like lasagna. No, cause it is cheese. What’s the tubes? JIMMY (PHONE): It’s
rigatoni or something. You have rigatoni? Yeah, we sure do. They got rigatoni.
OK? I’ll get you a rigatoni. That’s not the tubes. That is the tubes. It’s the big tubes. It’s the thick ones. You want the penne? Do you have penne?
– Yeah. We sure do.
– They have penne. Is that what you’re looking for? The thin tubes. Yes.
JIMMY (PHONE): OK. All right. Can you hang up, please? Well, I’d like to have
a sauce on the tubes. This is what my son does. He’s impatient. What kind of sauces do you have? We have the marinara
sauce and the Alfredo sauce. They got the marinara
and the Alfredo. OK?
– That’s it. I have two choices?
– Yeah. That’s all we have. JIMMY (PHONE):
That’s all they have. What do you want? Marinara. Please– OK. Marinara. We’ll get you an order of
the penne with marinara. OK?
– And a side salad. JIMMY (PHONE): All right.
Thanks, mom. Hang up, mom. [interposing voices] Please hang up. Just hang up, OK? Oh, this woman. Thank you for doing
that, by the way. Oh, it’s not a problem. JIMMY (PHONE): I appreciate it. So the penis pump, the
Boston Pump, it’s $700. Is it worth it? Well, the pieces– you buy the pieces individually. It’s like Legos that you
would put your [bleep] into. CASTLE MEGA STORE
kind of. – Right, ok. I like to prefer– you know, like, it’s more
of like an erector set. It’s more like an erector set. OK. So like an erection
set is what it’s like. CASTLE MEGA STORE
ATTENDANT (PHONE): Yeah. I guess.
Yeah. Can I return this if it
doesn’t enlarge my penis? What– what
enlarges your penis? JIMMY (PHONE):
Hang up the phone. Does the pizza
enlarge your penis? You’re buying more toys? That you don’t have enough under
your bed that’s in my house. I told you to
hang up the phone. Now, hang it up. I’m having a personal call here. Please hang up the phone. I pay the phone bill. I pay for my own calls. This man is on the telephone. He’s trying to do business. Hang up. OK. You take credit cards? Yeah, Visa, MasterCard,
Discover, and American Express. OK, I’ll be by around 8:00 then. CASTLE MEGA STORE ATTENDANT
(PHONE): Alright, you have a
good night. I’ll see you then. CASTLE MEGA STORE

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  1. 🚫 Stop scrolling

    You now have good luck for 7 days
    I recently uploaded a new song BTW. Sûb lf u fw it 🤘

    👇 make this blue for good luck ⭐

  2. LOL it’s a show coming back or something did I miss it this is like almost 15 or 10 years old or something I know this goes way back around Dave Chapelle and MADtv days

  3. I would of just said hey i will call you back when someone picks up the ohone ok its an accident. Next time is being nosey

  4. I like how they came up with all those film titles like "The Magic Strap-on" or "Sex Trek"
    It`s amazing how much attention for detail they put for just a 4:25 min long video.

  5. It might come as a surprise (no pun intended), but this was scripted from a real-life experience Jimmy had when he was in his early twenties. He was insecure about his size and wasn't getting any dates. Nothing has changed from then to now including the fact that he's still not funny.

  6. Tell Jimmy to check his mom's bedside table…. 😁 Fun fact, Finnish people have no issue with sex toys, they leave the cataloque on the coffee table, as well as the toys, English visitors don't know where to revert their eyes! 👀😁😁

  7. This is one of the best cranks. I think he was hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live at the time. My, how the times have changed…

  8. what kind of pasta do you have? :
    guy looks blank — we got… the lasagna lmao 😂. “Will the Pizza Enlarge your p*nī$ ?” — lmao…

  9. I love Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman as puppets, but I don’t really like their work outside of Crank Yankers. He looks vaguely threatening on his talk show now, since he trimmed down and became more muscular, more like a someone in the mafia than a comedian. Maybe it’s the shiny suits.

    And Sarah seemed like a record player stuck in the same groove with one note blasphemy jokes. This is just my opinion, and they’ve both been amazingly successful in their fields.

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