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Mo’Nique and Steve Reflect on Twenty Years of Comedy and Friendship

– My next guest, she has
won an NAACP Image Award. She has an Oscar for
her unforgettable role as Mary Lee Johnson in Precious. Now she’s making history as
the first African American female comedian to have
a residency in Las Vegas. Please welcome one of the
original queens of comedy, my girl, Mo’nique! (cheering)
(upbeat music) – Hey baby! – Me and this girl go back. – Let me cross so they
don’t see my personals. – To the very beginning. – Yes. – What did I tell you
when I first saw you, Mo? – When you first saw me, it
was at Uptown Comedy Corner. – In Atlanta.
– In Atlanta, Georgia. And I was in the parking
lot with my mother going to my car and it was at the, it was called a guest spot. Steve Harvey came up to me
outside of that comedy club and that’s the times when
you understand the impact. Steve Harvey was a premiere black comedian for black comics. He was our Richard Pryor
for the generation. Yes. – Thank you.
(cheering) – So, when he came up to
me outside of that club and he said, “Young lady, “you’re a millionaire and
you don’t even know it yet.” Well, I never forgot those words. I held onto em and it got me through til I got a phone call one
day from my banker saying, “There’s a million
dollars in this account.” – Yeah, come on Mo.
(cheering) But you’re the first
African American female to have a residency in Vegas. The hell?
(cheering) – You gon’ stop saying what
the hell about my stuff all the time! – But I’ll be tellin’ you ’cause Mo, see y’all don’t know, really man, when she ain’t being a damn activist, it’s something wrong with her. – Only he can say that though, OK? – How did you get the
residency and where is it? – The residency is at the
SLS hotel in Las Vegas. – [Steve] Oh, that’s that new one. – On the strip. And I was doing a comedy club
in Pleasonton, Tommy T’s. And I did this club about six times baby in about six months and I’m like listen, nobody’s gonna show up. I keep coming. He said, “Mo, if you show
up, they gon’ show up.” So then he got this
agreement with the SLS. He said, “How would you
like to come to Vegas?” That’s how Mo’nique became the first black female comedian.
(cheering) At the SLS hotel. – I tell people all the time,
it’s two cities you can go to to find out if you’re really famous. – Come on. – It’s New York City and it’s Vegas ’cause New York City, when
you’re walking down the streets of New York, the
street sweeper is there. The postman, the delivery man is there. – Yes. – The CEO is on the street. The executive secretary is on the street and the Wall Street broker is on the street.
– Everybody. – Everybody’s on the street in New York. If you can walk down
the street in New York for five minutes and don’t
nobody say, “Hey Steve,” you ain’t gotta worry
about it, you ain’t famous. – Let me tell you how famous I am. – Uh oh. – You ready for me?
– Uh oh. – I’m walking down the
street one time in Harlem and a brother says, “Mo,
could you sign my copy “of my movie?” Now it was a bootleg movie, OK? – Yeah.
(laughing) – And he said he’s selling
em for five dollars but with my signature, he could get 20. I signed it for him. That’s how famous I am, baby. – Wait a minute, he was
selling movies for five, but if you put your signature
– He was selling it for five it’ll go for 20.
– but if I put my signature, he said, “Mo, I can get 20.”
– I love the hood. – I said, “Brother, feed your family,” and I signed my signature.
(laughing) That’s how famous I am. – Hey, we got more with
Mo’nique right after this. Don’t go away. (jazzy music)

100 thoughts on “Mo’Nique and Steve Reflect on Twenty Years of Comedy and Friendship

  1. Everyone needs to stop pretending we know Oprah, Tyler, Lee, and Whoopi. Mo’Nique told her story without anyone disputing it and I saw Mo’Nique on The View. It’s as if everyone was telling her to keep kissing ass until you make it. Including Steve. I’m a big Steve Harvey fan but I didn’t agree with any of the advice he gave Mo’Nique but I’m glad they were about to agree to disagree. The way they ended this conversation was classy

  2. I think MO got it twisted with being a strong black woman verses being a smart woman. I think she's going to have a "wake up call" in Las Vegas. Because her comedy is geared towards black folks. So it's going to take the majority of people to sell out her shows to be black folks. And if that doesn't happen she's not making the motel the big money their banking on. I just don't see black folks flying out to Vegas just to see her, I could be wrong though. But that's just me I only fly to Vegas to attend events at the convention center.🙄

  3. I hope Oprah, Tyler and Lee are humble enough to have that heart to heart conversation with Monique! Congratulations Steve for making peace with your sister!

  4. I love this how they can have a disagreement go at it and still love each other like brother and sister and Steve can admit he didn't cover his sister like you should have give her what she need and I can move on like some people hold grudges but if you're really family you can tell your family how you feel fight it out and be okay I love this they went at each other but at the end of the day they still family


  6. Monique has a charisma that VERY VERY FEW female comedians have. Joan Rivers had it and Monique has it. Its the ability to be unapologetically funny! The ability to stand in your womanhood and be as crass and nasty and sassy as you want. Monique is the Queen. I measure by longevity and quality of work not box office.

  7. I have always loved Monique! ❤️
    I fell in love with her after watching the movie, “ thick madame.” She is big and fabulous!👏

  8. Monique hang in there. You did the right thing. No-one is God and you had a right to say no. People need to get off their high horse and understand that they can't always have their way.

  9. Monique is full of herself. Las Vegas, they are using you Monique…..stop. Do something good, not promotion for you….like other female comedians…BLACK, KOREAN, CHINESE, NATIVE AMERICAN whatever….for women.

  10. So glad Steve calmed her ass down!!! To aggressive, and mean! Right Steve speak love into her!!! I guess she had to show the world she is going to start loving!😳😰🤭🤔🤦🏾‍♀️🤗

  11. I do not FULLY understand what happened with Monique. What I do know is that we say her YEARS ago at Six Flags in Maryland. She thought my 10 year old son was a cutie pie! She asked him was he interested in acting. He smiled and said YES! She took the time to talk to me about what I should do. Not many famous people would take the time and hold the line to talk to really talk to people! My son is 29 now and we all still remember how nice and informative she was with us. She won’t remember this because I am sure she has done this a million times. But, it had an effect on us! I could be slightly off on the years/ages at the time, but we remember.

  12. Monique is her worse damn enemy. Like I said before, there are always consequences to your actions. You just can't say what you want and expect everything to be okay. Granted you may have not gotten paid, but you missed so much more by pissing off the wrong people. This is rich people problems. I don't particularly like her attitude but saying Oprah, Tyler, Lee Daniel and anybody else blackballed you, is a lie. YOu did this to yourself. You are not so righteous that you can just say what you want in the name of comedy. We all answer to somebody, and you need to just be quiet for a minute and listen. I hate this is happening to you, but stop trying to be the break through for comedy. Just be cause you are loud and canvass everything with , Baby and Honey don't make it right….i'm sick of her!!!

  13. To Monique
    There is a saying:
    "If you stand for a reason
    Be prepared to stand alone like a tree…
    And if you fall on the ground
    Fall like a seed that grows, back to fight again".

  14. Steve did her a favor bringing her on. She's burned so many bridges from Whoopi to Oprah. Calling successful black people out, I don't know why? And Steve need not explain to her that he has a family to support. Steve is working because he LIKES working! I wonder if her Las Vegas show is getting audience? Because she's been advertising her show all over the place.
    Does everybody on here know she was fired from BET? How the hell do you get your talk show cancelled from BET???

  15. Monique was amazing in the HBO movie "Bessie" with Queen Latifah as Bessie Smith. She should have won an Emmy for that role. I hope she can put the personal drama aside and keep making movies.

  16. Love Mo but damn why everything has to be so titanic and dramatic when she talk…. lol its annoying    baby this and sweetie this and blah blah blah

  17. the media was making it look like Mo and Steve were beefing but they're being real like long time good friends do😇 I'm happy that they're both on good graces

  18. Steve you can try to build the bridge but I don't think anyone is interested in repairing it not even Mo'nique. I think she records everything anyone says about so if she ever gets the opportunity to see that person, she can dredge it up. She lets nothing go. Powerful black people in the industry wanted to help you succeed and they tried talking to you, offered you advice, but you already knew. You didn't appreciate their advice or their good intentions for you. You trashed talked them for wanting to guide you. They didn't blackball you. You did.

    You make a movie, that lands you an Oscar nomination and eventually the Oscar, you do what other actors do and that is PROMOTE the hell of that movie. You weren't a team player. You said NO and your phone didn't ring. You kept talking about how wronged you were, how unfairly you were treated when you were treated the same as every other actor who makes a film. Actors don't always get paid in $$. Ever heard of making connections. Allowing yourself to be seen and considered for someone's next project. Mo'nique thought her Oscar gave her special privileges and she still does. She doesn't feel she owes anyone an apology but everyone should be licking her feet and that WON'T happen. If it were me, I wouldn't offer her a branch of any tree. She's not sorry. She won't bend. It's more important for her to right. I don't think Tyler, Lee Daniels, Oprah or Whoopi will show up to see her show in Vegas not even to save it.

  19. Imma always love Monique she bust speaking her mind & saying what's real glad that her & Steve Harvey came too a closer if Oprah and Tyler Perry don't apologize to her that shows u what kind of ppl they are I love Steve Harvey he keeps it 1hunnid

  20. I don't like that Mo'nique claims to be a "religious person" yet her comedy act is basically foul language. Damn is not a part of any one of the names of God. Yet Mo'nique often misuses His name to that extent. She is exclusively ghetto entertainment! She hasn't any class at all! But anybody can change. And I will hopefully remember to pray for her to change and become a true woman of God who loves the Lord before she takes her last breath. I care about you Mo'nique and I'd like to see you morph into a truly classy and respectful woman who loves the Lord.

  21. Steve took on a keg of dy-no-mite. Mo aint all that. You can see she's unwilling to change. I have relatives like her. Mo needs to know her limits. She isnt funny nor attractive.

  22. steve knows how to toot his own horn…. "what i tell you when we first met" lol how about let me tell you what steve told me

  23. What are you teaching the young black people……just shut up be quite don't make Massa mad..and collect your little check.
    Rosa park
    Harriett Tubman???? I'm confused….

  24. People still don't get it ? Did Mo'Nique get fired by BET Network on her talk show? Several years back?
    It looks like a pattern behavior developing here?

  25. Congrats Monique!!!! Even when we don't realize it, most times our SETBACKS are SETUPS for something greater. Oprah, Tyler, and Lee might have played their hands dirty, but they are not exempt from being humbled. Be thankful even in the midst of chaos because there's a blessing soon to arise. Look at you making those headlines which enough light has not been shined on. YOU GO GIRL!!!!❤

  26. Black people sacrificing each other to make money isn’t a game. It’s violent and counterproductive to liberation and Black advancement.

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  28. They did her wrong! Travel for free to promote a movie!? He’ll no! Sisters are being treated wrong all over, and some brothers are doing us wrong. They can get intimidated when we are strong. Brothers don’t see it’s done to them too, but not by us. I was in my Army uniform in ATL, met Monique and she was so nice! I have her autograph today. She has talent! Tyler Perry need to speak up!

  29. I love, Steve is so funny I unstand what he was trying to do but he made a big mistake trying to talk to I Monique i was looking at her face omg she going to drag him like she did, Whoopi and the rest of them smh

  30. I don't totally agree with everything Steve said to her in the interview, but I respect him for having the heart and goodness to talk it out with love.

  31. I used to be a kind of fan of Monique's but lately I am just sick of her complaining and going on and on and on about how someone didn't GIVE her the money she wanted or whatever. Welcome to the REAL freaking world.

  32. MANY PpL HAS FORGOTTEN how Steve Harvey has helped ThEm;)100🙏🙌😇👊MANY PpL HAS FORGOTTEN WHO the ONe had HELPED them to WHERe their AT NoW;)God SEE every THING YoU dOes AND He knws YouR HEART;)100🙏🙌👊STEVE HARVEY he's A GoD fEAR mAn100🙏🙌👊I really doesn't have no time any more for Mo'q anymore

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