Laughter is the Best Medicine

20 thoughts on “Monster Cracking ~ Traumatic Memory ~ Pulse Meditation ~ ASMR Relax & Cracks

  1. It would be awesome if you could do a seminar near Basel or Lörrach because I can’t travel to Wolfenbüttel but I’m very interested in Chiropractic Medicine

  2. Hey man. I have a question. I have Flat back syndrome and I was wondering if that could be fixed through physical therapy.

  3. My chiropractor’s a heavyweight MMA fighter.Uber-powerful.Makes adjusting my lumbar pops sound like an M-60 putting rounds down range.

  4. I have such bad back pain and such terrible problems all over tbh both mental and physical I would give anything for an appointment with this doctor I literally cried watching one of his videos because I related so much. Where can I get help like this in the UK?

  5. Doc you seem to really take your time to analyze your patient. You seem to give a much deeper analysis than other chiropractors. I also love how you explain to people how to breathe properly as well. For instance I knew about diaphragmatic breathing but never knew anything about the central tendon attaching to the pericardium and massaging the heart. I'm always learning something new watching your videos! Great stuff Doc!

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