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Moon Jokes & Pathetic Compilation

– I’ve got chicken pox As an adult I have chicken pox So I’ve done, err… I’ve done a collab… Err… I’ve done a… Moon [Moon] What? Quiet I’ve done a Err… What’s that word when you do… Put them all together? [Moon] Compilation I’ve done a compilation video this week of moon jokes and pathetic moments I hope you enjoy. – [Moon] Look at him,
having his little pickles. Pathetic. Look at him, buying his Coca Cola. Pathetic. Thomas, Thomas are you ready? – For what? – [Moon] I got something, ’cause you know, I’m there for your entertainment. Which birds steal soap from the bath? – What? – [Moon] Robber ducks. (both laughing) Thomas, Thomas? – What? – [Moon] Okay, ready? – Yeah, what, for what? Another joke? – [Moon] No, I read something to you. What kind of bath can
you take without water? – What? – [Moon] A sunbath. – Sunbath? – [Moon] It’s kind of a
fact, you can’t really count it as a joke. – No more bath jokes. – [Moon] Okay, Thomas, listen. – Not another joke. – [Moon] What happened to the tiger who took a bath three times a day? – What? – [Moon] After a week, he
was spotless. (laughing) Get it? – No more jokes. – [Moon] No, I just try– – No! No more jokes. – [Moon] Look at him,
waiting for his meatballs. Pathetic. Thomas! – [Thomas] What? – [Moon] Come here. Are you ready? – What? – [Moon] Why do SCUBA
divers fall of the dive boat backwards to enter the water? – I don’t know. – [Moon] Because if they fell forward, they’d still be on the
boat. (both laughing) Thomas! – [Thomas] What? – Oi, Thomas! – [Thomas] What? – [Moon] Are you ready? – What now? – [Moon] Why don’t sharks eat divorcees? – Why? – [Moon] Because they’re bitter. Thomas, because they’re bitter. (he sighs) (she laughs) Thomas, because they’re bitter, Thomas. (thudding) Oh Gah– Thomas! – What? – [Moon] What’s the
difference between a pizza and a diving instructor? – I don’t wanna know the joke! – [Moon] A pizza can feed four people. – No! No! No! (thudding) (splashing) – [Moon] Apparently
they don’t get a lot of money for teaching diving. – I can’t get away from it! (thudding) So cold! – [Moon] Look at him in his bubble. Pathetic. (quacking) Oh, look at him, covered in sand. Pathetic. Okay, a piece of ice fell in
love with a Bunsen burner. “Bunsen, my flame, I
melt whenever I see you,” said the ice, and the
Bunsen burner replied, “It’s just a phase you’re going through.” – (laughing) What? – [Moon] You know Rick’s
a scientist and stuff. Thomas? – [Thomas] What? – [Moon] What did the poo say to the fart? – [Thomas] What? – [Moon] You blow me away. (laughing) – [Thomas] Moon, it’s
not the time right now! (both laughing) – [Moon] Okay, little little John boy, he went to his Mum one day,
he, no, it was not his mum. I think it was his uncle that he went to and then they both went to
an amusement park together. And then she turned around,
looked at him and said, “I can’t ’cause I’ve got a
really really bad headache.” (she laughs) You get it? – Why are you laughing? – [Moon] It was a joke. – That were a joke? – [Moon] Yeah, I made it up. – I thought you were telling me a story. – [Moon] No, I made it up myself. – Oh, Moon. – (groaning) This
headache’s feeling worse. – [Moon] Look at him. Laying there on the floor complaining. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. – [Moon] Thomas, Thomas. – What? – [Moon] I’ve got a joke for you okay? What kind of phone makes music? – What? – [Moon] A saxophone. (he laughs) – What, you go on What can we do now? – [Moon] I don’t know,
there’s not a lot to do, but I’ve got another joke. – No! (laughing) I can’t escape. – [Moon] Don’t take food
to the toilet Thomas. Don’t. Thomas that’s pathetic. – [Moon] Look at him. Gaming. Pathetic. Bye! Look at all them bubbles
he’s making there. Pathetic. Thomas.
– What? – [Moon] The only exercise
I have done this month is running out of money. (both laughing) – It’s not a joke, is it? That’s not a joke. – [Moon] Thomas. – What? – [Moon] When Chuck Norris
finishes his gym workout, the gym needs a break. (both laugh) – [Thomas] No more jokes. – [Moon] Thomas, why was the
farmer arrested at the gym? – Why? – [Moon] ‘Cause he was
destroying his calves. (thud) – [Moon] Look at him. In his little house. Pathetic. Thomas!
– What? – [Moon] What should you do when you find a snake in your bed?
– What? – [Moon] Sleep in the
wardrobe. (both laughing) ‘Cause a snake is in the bed, you know. There’s plenty more where
this comes from, Thomas. – Oh no, no! – [Moon] Oh yeah. Thomas? Thomas?
– What? – [Moon] Why do people go to bed? – Oh, not another joke.
Why? – [Moon] ‘Cause the
bed don’t come to them. (he sighs) (she squeals) – Stop it. – [Moon] Thomas, what happens when you leave a beanbag alone in– – No! Not a joke! – [Moon] A really good one. Thomas, when you leave the beanbag alone in Australia Thomas? – [Thomas] Can’t hear ya. – [Moon] That’s just
ridiculous, it’s a really g– Look at him. In his Play-Doh bean bag. Pathetic. Thomas!
– No! – [Moon] I went to a gig last night and the band’s drum passed out on stage. He must have rocked himself to sleep. (both laughing) – Stop it. – [Moon] Come on. Thomas, come on, I just
wanna entertain you a bit. Thomas? Thomas? – Oh, Moon, what? – [Moon] I forgot to take
out my contact lenses last night when I went to bed. – Please, no jokes. – [Moon] My sleep were
never clearer Thomas. – No, seriously, please. – [Moon] It’s never been clearer Thomas. – No please. – [Moon] It was just the contact lenses. (quiet music) – [Moon] Look at him. Staying awake. Pathetic. Look at him. In a box. Pathetic. Thomas. (tapping)
– What? – [Moon] You know that
quote, “Life’s like a box of chocolate”? – Yeah, it’s from Forrest Gump. – [Moon] It don’t last
that long for fat people. You know, ’cause the diseases you get, it’s not healthy and stuff, you know? – No jokes, no jokes. – [Moon] I got loads. I’m prepared for that. Thomas!
– What? – [Moon] What is a box called
when a cough die in it? – I don’t know. – [Moon] A coffin, Thomas. – [Thomas] No, no more jokes! – [Moon] What’s inside when
you buy a pink box in Japan? What’s inside of it? It’s always the same thing inside of it. It’s a pink box, you
buy it in Tokyo, Thomas. Thomas, it’s a really good one. Look at him. In his Oobleck bath. – (he laughs) Do it again. (laughing) – [Moon] Look at him. In his Oobleck bath. Pathetic. There was this bear and
his little bear babies. – No, no jokes, no, go away, no! Moon told me this joke earlier today. She’s not here, but it don’t feel right without the Moon joke so
I’ve gotta tell the joke or I’d just feel bad. I’ve gotta do it. So, what were it? Oh, yeah, okay, so Little Timmy’s dad had a bath today with bubbles. Bubbles was a man. (laughing) – [Moon] Look at him. In his sunbath. Pathetic. Thomas! – No, Moon, what? – [Moon] What’s the best
day to go to the beach? – What? – [Moon] Sunday. ‘Cause it’s sunny then Thomas. – Please no jokes, no, stop it. – [Moon] ‘Cause it’s sunny. Thomas.
– What? – [Moon] Where do people in
New York go to get a tan? – (sighs) Where? – [Moon] Manhat-tan. Manhattan. – No more bad jokes! – [Moon] It’s time. Thomas, what you call a
woman who works in a– – No! – [Moon] Shop? – No, turn it off! – [Moon] (yelling over
loud humming) Look at him! Cutting! Pathetic! – You put your arm there
like I am now, lift and– – [Moon] That’s not working. Look at them working it out together. Father and son. Pathetic. That’s pathetic, that. – [Thomas] We’re changing
video, I’m spending night here. I’ll see ya morning. – [Moon] What an idiot. – Something to get it off my mind. – [Moon] Some jokes? – No, please, no Moon, no jokes. – [Moon] When the penguin
came to north pole, ’cause they’re actually not at north pole, I just quickly have to
think about that one– Thomas, what’s an ig?
– Ig? – [Moon] An ig? – I don’t know. – [Moon] It’s a snow house
without a loo. (he laughs) If it got a loo, it’s an igloo. – Oh God, Moon jokes are back. (laughing) – [Moon] Thomas. – What? – [Moon] What do call 50 penguins– – Please, no. – [Moon] Thomas, what
do you call 50 penguins in the Arctic?
– What? – [Moon] They’re lost ’cause
they live in Antarctica. – [Thomas] Stop it, no! – [Moon] That’s a really clever one– – No! (Moon whispering) – [Moon] Look at him. In his bath of ice, shaking. Pathetic. Thomas.
– What? – [Moon] Why are cats
so good at video games? – Cats? – [Moon] Yeah. – I don’t know. – [Moon] ‘Cause they
always get nine lives. (he chuckles) – I like that one, that’s good. – [Moon] And Thomas. – No, not another. – [Moon] Thomas. – No, please. – [Moon] Is your Xbox 360 running? – It’s not an Xbox 360. – [Moon] Is your Xbox One running? – Yeah, it’s on. – [Moon] You better go and catch it then. – Oh, Jesus Christ, you ruined it. It were a good one to start, I don’t– – [Moon] Thomas. – What? – [Moon] Did you hear
about the Minecraft movie? – No, I don’t wanna know, no Moon. – [Moon] It’s gonna be a blockbust– Look at him. Watching telly in the car. Pathetic. He’s quite far away and I already prepared a couple of jokes. I need to be sure he hears
them, so, I got this baby ready. Thomas, oi, Thomas, why do crane
operators always get dates? – Why? (laughing) – [Moon] ‘Cause they have the
strongest pickup lines Thomas. And Thomas–
– Where did you get that from? – [Moon] Found it at home. Thomas?
What’s yellow and can’t swim? – No, no, jokes. – [Moon] A crane. (she laughs) Thomas.
– No! – [Moon] The last one’s with a penguin but I don’t wanna torture ya. Look at him. In his crane, watching DVD. Pathetic. Look at him. Trying it again, gaming
for a hundred hours. Pathetic. Pathetic! Stop it! – [Moon] What do you call a Pokemon who can’t move very fast? – Ah, what? – [Moon] Slow poke. Go on. – I don’t want no more, please. – [Moon] What’s the
national sport of Minecraft? – I don’t know. – [Moon] Boxing. – No, no, no! – [Moon] Thomas, your
mama is so ugly Thomas, you can’t, you can’t leave the room. You can’t leave.
– No. – [Moon] Sit down, I got plenty more. Got plenty more, Thomas. (rhythmic electronic music)

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  1. Moon and Tom are a great looking couple.
    She's so cute, and Thomas is Thomas..
    They're perfect together. I hope they stay together for good.
    I hope to someday find a woman that loves me as much as she does him, and know me as well as she with him. People say she takes too much care of him..
    But that's their relationship..
    If they're happy, thats all that matters.

    I hope/wish that some woman will love me that much someday..

  2. 2:05 can someone please explain this logic for me, what if they are facing the water, then they would have to fall forwards to get of the boat

  3. Moon's daily routine : "stay away from Thomas, explain what he is currently doing, wait 3 seconds and call him pathetic.

  4. Hey Killem and moon I love your videos so much I love the jokes And very time moon says a pathetic line I always say it to and when she says the joke I laugh so hard keep the vids flowing lots of respect xx

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    My girlfriend pointed out the intro as she was watching this…
    HOW has nobody commented about his question to moon? Lmaoo but honestly my GF associates the word 'compilation' to p**n as well


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