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Morning Musume’s Sato Masaki favourite & funny moments (eng sub cc) PART 1

One person can take one bread I’m taking one! (She took two breads) You cannot do that! I’m taking one for Duu Then, ask Duu to come here to take it herself Duu did not ask you to get it for her right? (Randomly singing a song using Otsukare word) I like you, casually! Thank you very much. Please give us your score You just want to bully me! If you said that earlier, I’ll give you full mark! You know, just now I gave 2 points That’s why!!! It made me curious, so the points goes up Mine was much better that hers No no no So 3 points up AAAAA!!! (She thought her points goes up)
Don’t give us that I DID IT!! You’ve mistaken What happened? What is going on with this girl? What do you think? It is so cute. And I can’t get enough of her long straight hair. You are unfair! You don’t even look at her performance! Duu! Let’s work hard! So cold! You cried? Did you cry? Of course I’m not! Please be careful on your way home!!!
(Their concert got canceled due to bad weather. They went out to apologize to fans that came) This is Maa-chan!
(They are mimicking TsujiKago) This is Duu-chan! This is Maa-chan! This is Duu-chan! This is Maa-chan! This is Duu-chan! This is fun! I’m glad! I’m a crab! I’m going to take your ugliest pic! Stop that! Recently, she’s always with Ayumin Maa-chan is jealous I’m not! That hurt. They’re always together With Ayumin
Maa-chan is jealous I’m not! I can piggyback you anytime you want I don’t want that Everyone is gone Everyone is gone Yes, bye bye Ahhhhhh!! Is this enough? Crap Hot! It’s hot! Surprise me a little This looks like a face that everything is finished Maa-chan This is Hokkaido concert (Maa’s hometown) I’m nervous that this is the last one Odango! You’re cute Don’t film me! Don’t film Don’t film me This is scary Who is that? Who is that? This is Duu That’s creepy It’s not true! It’s not true! Otsukareina-chan
(She’s using other members’ catch phrase) Then Oyasayumin But now it’s Oyamizuki! This is meat~ This is meat~ (Playing around) I look like a rabbit Good smell! Good smell!! Only today Suzuki-san is being kind Only today? Only today? Only today? Yes, only today. Only today? I’m being kind to you only today? No You’re kind to me everyday Everyday right? Good girl That’s scary!! Scary! That surprised me How do you feel turning 17? It is fun! BUT, you got along well with other 10th gen I am? That hurt me. You went to Disneyland with them She always brought that up That made you sad? So you want to go with me? No way See? (The lion is not impressed at all) That girl is small~ She said it. ‘Someone please carry me’ Like an ‘Ojou-sama’ Ojou-sama~ Ojou-sama? Nobody said that! Ojou!! Masaki-chan, let’s feed the animal Yes! I want to do that! What a simple girl What is this? Wait a min! Wait! Give me some courage Give you some courage? XD There! !!!!! This is bad! bad! (Gambare Maa-chan~) (Escape!) (Escape!)
Maa-chan run away!! I want to do it! (Escape!) Masaki is disqualified! It’s OKAY!! Jankenpon! Look over there Go ahead Hey, don’t move away But this is where my 3rd eyes is.
Your 3rd eyes???!! I will die because that’s where my 3rd eyes is Everyone is KAWAII!! KA-WA-I-I Ahh only Okai-san is not Don’t mind it I always face this situation in variety show But why do I have to hear this from this brat!! I don’t want to hear this from her You surprised me! I didn’t hear you came That surprised me! You’re so quiet! That surprise, surprise, surprise me! What now? I just want to say one thing Are you okay? fu fu fu XD Are you okay with talking? In the 2nd part (of the song) Yasuda-shan (she almost said Yasuda-chan) Yasuda-san That’s okay (Nervous laugh from other members)
Yasuda-san & me share a line there. I hope you guys can pay attention to that Ohh, you want us to pay attention to that? Everyone, please take a look at Yasuda-chan~ Is that true? 1,2,3 I got Nonaka (She got her own photo again) Why did you always pick your own pic? I think Duu’s smell like a girl With Duu’s smell, I think I can sleep anywhere Don’t touch me! I really hate you! But I really love you!! I really love you!

3 thoughts on “Morning Musume’s Sato Masaki favourite & funny moments (eng sub cc) PART 1

  1. Maachan is NOT one of my TOP 4. but, she is ONE of the BEST thing to EVER exist.

    she is like an addiction. you can't stop wanting more of her. even if it's bad, you still want more of it.

    like for me… it's bad… but, i want more.

    it's funny, because Maachan is still the same, but a little compose, only when she has to be.
    …a LITTLE …is what i said.

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