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33 thoughts on “Mother heckler freaks out during comedy special – Steve Hofstetter

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  2. Only reason people had that many kinds back in the old days is because several were expected to die. Probably mostly from sickness that we can easily treat today.

  3. Unfortunately Hofstetter forgets he lives in a society that makes family planning very difficult for some people to access in some areas of the USA. Especially now! Though I think the lady was being pretty thin skinned.

  4. I hate hecklers but this stand-up act wasn't really funny at all. it was almost a little-bit uncomfortable. This just sounded like a liberal planned parenthood protest to me. RofLmao at the two stereotypical urban city lesbian leftist socialist vegan yoga women Timed at 7:11. It "POSSIBLY" could have been funny if he was less serious and had some quick witty jabby cut-downs to feed that heckler bitch. Why can't people just stfu and watch the show?

  5. ten bucks says that offended woman is named "karen" and her favorite phrase is "i need to speak to your manager"

  6. Frankly, I don't think your funny either and it has nothing to do with the 19 kid "joke". Ever wonder why you have so many heckler issues? Tha should give you a clue.

  7. before you guys start the government isnt here for you crap… it is… and these types are religious zealots whom are almost exclusively right wing voters, hence the kids. raising votes not kids. is what i believe they do it for.
    always hear about crazy right wing extremists kicking their kids out for being a democrat.

    i think they think they are doing it for god…stop abortion and insert christianity into american politics, giving birth to votes. theres usually some ideology behind things that serious.
    maybe they fall for the neo nazi "we are being out bred by foriegners" crap(nazi's called that blood purity) or a bit of both.

  8. Its so funny how he shut her down, made a point, and then went straight back to mocking the 19 kids softball team thing

  9. Tragic truth is woman control the baby making mens rights are judt to get the bill. Women can abort without the fathers input… so its all on them right? Soooooo the tremendous child poverty situation is womens fault! Own that lady!

  10. I’d like to give my humble opinion on this,which I know no one cares about,so this is just for myself to vent.I have 4 kids,my wife and I take care of all of their needs.My Grandmother had 12 siblings,they took care of theirs.Back then,during the depression,families down south had large families which all worked and contributed.Every once in a while the government came and took a few to go fight in whatever war was happening at the time,but the rest worked to keep the family going.People that gave this many children now only work because the government gives them the funds to do so.Times have changed,I get it,but before I have to ask for help I’ll keep our family the size that it is.The people that are arguing with you are most likely liberals,which always want a free handout,and get upset when they don’t get it.They are also the ones that have killed comedy,which all comics are dealing with.You can’t “trigger” or “upset” anyone who isn’t tough enough to handle the real world.They’ll have to deal with it sooner or later, like we all do, and the only ones left laughing then will be the rest of us.

  11. There's nothing wrong with having 19 kids, if you have the resources to raise them properly. What's offensive about that?

  12. What a weird reason to get offended. Just goes to show that anything will be offensive to someone and that offensiveness shouldn't determine what we can or cannot say.

  13. That woman has balls the size of the moon to try to heckle this dude.

    Bro, if I were you I’d pay a guy to just stand near the crowd and when anyone heckles, he just hands them a bib and says “Welp, you’re gonna eat some shit, wouldn’t want that on your shirt”

  14. Why do you have to put that particular accent on the over breeding characters? Right after editing in a non answer on diversity claiming your work is only by white Jewish people and you admire only white comedians? You dog whistling?

  15. why the fuck do people like these attend comedy shows?
    to ruin it for everyone else? what a disgusting bitter bitch

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