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Mother’s Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson Comedy HD

Hello Atlanta, Happy Mother’s Day! Hey ! You know no junk food for breakfast. Dad let’s us! He also let’s you go to school without any underwear. It’s called freeballing mom. Sandy is a single mom Her ex just got remarried and to like, a twelve-year-old. Hi Sandy! Hi… I’m here for a job. Tell me more about this “tween” and your ex-husband. I’m sure I exaggerated, I’ll have a better idea once all the acne clears up. -laughs- Bradley is Mister Mom. Could you go to the supermarket? What do we need? Juice, eggs, and tampons. What was that? Tampons. I’m just gonna write ‘T’. I don’t know what that means. Need a price check on organic ta- No, no that’s not necessary Daughter? Yea, two. Same boat, two sons. Nice meeting you, Sandy with two sons. Ok Jesse never sees her mom. There’s just all this Mother’s Day stuff and I start thinking about how I haven’t talked to mom. Hi! Ooh! I have to say Jess you haven’t aged that much. Thank you. Come in, door’s open! Suprise! You guys are supposed to be in Texas! Yea, we’ve been driving twenty hours straight. Where’s the little ladies room? I gotta grain the lizard. Thank you for sharing, down the hall. I can’t take him anywhere. Yeah. Kristin never met her mom I was adopted. I’ve always wondered, did she just throw me away? What you have to do, you have to find your mother. Do you have kids? Career. Keeps me busy. Who should I make it out to? I’m sixteen I have a life! Wait where you going? Rachel get out of the car. No matter what’s happened between us you’re always my mother. We’re not who the world thinks we are. We decide who we are. When we want, and who we want to know. *gasps* *falling sounds* Dad! Are you ok dad?! Happy mother’s day. Tanner no, no, no, no! Oh! It’s like the forth time he’s done this.

100 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson Comedy HD

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  2. Check out How NEWSONDOT.COM team visited Connaught Place New Delhi Inner circle, hugged stranger mommies, gave them roses and loved them back the way they love us all

  3. Why choose an actress who has no children of her own. Also, Jennifer didn't even invite her mom to both of her weddings. What kind of daughter would do that. And here is she playing in a movie called Mothers Day.

  4. Thats funny movie,,jennifer aniston is a great greatttttt actress,,๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

  5. Really, Hollywood? Not even twenty seconds into the trailer and a young boy already makes a perverse comment. Film makers need a new perspective for healthy entertainment because this junk is really getting old. Just saying.

  6. Wow !! White colored skin are something else. Just when I couldn't think they couldn't steep any lower!!amaxaxing blablah!!!!whoa!!!!

  7. Onions make you cry because it stings and is uncomfortable. Because Jennifer looks like an onion with that wig, it made me cry of depression.

  8. A mother and her child are precious.

    But nowadays mothers are under pressure of rich old men, in their world.

    Its sick and violence and money rule.

    And strong and healthy men wont help them, cos they are under influence of those old and rich in positions.

    The way are wise and kind men, gentle and going the middle way. They could be good fathers and flourish land with good, humble and mild people. Then we can live here better and lift up a world kinda.

  9. Despite the fact that this has Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Chalke and Julia Roberts in it, this movie is friggin' terrible. What a waste of time. O_o

  10. Have watched this movie using boxxy software . They have made it really professional. Looks better than the service I get from my provider.

  11. Aaaaaand sadly. If they had made a father's day movie every feminists and leftist would go nuts. Wait ! Someone make a father's day movie

  12. Here's what I want for Mother's Day:
    No more bad puppet bailout
    Meaning, no more calling me a bad puppet to bail themselves out.

  13. That took three blocks of three hours to write, so they need to stop beating on me and making grand assumptions about me. It all means nothing to me, and I restrained them all.

  14. I know, I deleted an important secret correspondance! Because they didn't know how to decode any of it anyway, they used their program to beat on me even more instead.

  15. I'm gonna be honest, I'm only watching the movie for the actors cause I've seen their work before. This trailer had me checking whether it was a SNL skit (which are only good to watch on SNL) or something.

  16. Another dumb movie made by what Hollywood thinks America's it
    Beautiful home beautiful jobs beautiful kids I have nothing against movies about be upper middle class perfect lifes
    movies like Terms of Endearment made a long time ago is a much more realistic characterization of a love story and life for middle aged upper-income people
    the good old days when they actually made good movies. you notice most movies directed at middle-aged affluent adults are bombs

  17. Margoooooooooo Martindale.
    People, people, people…I love me some โ€˜Rachelโ€™ and even Julia in anything but come on…MARGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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