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Mothers Sit Around Laughing At This Little Girl In Fear... Do You Find This Funny?

all right I don't know the fuck I'm looking at and this nigga sent it to me don't send me no shit like this again sir any of y'all stop sending me shit without I'm telling y'all y'all do it again I'm blocking you don't tell me look at this shit sounds suspect this fuck look at this fucking you just look at it you need to have a motherfucking title to that email that email should have a title I don't know what this is but I'll let y'all watch it because I kind of have an idea but we're just I don't know let's watch it on the kitchen so if you get away from me going to kitchen even black he is noted that shit is unnatural even black he is know that shit is unnatural this is a fucking weave this little girl is running from its weave there's two ways to look at this legend there's two ways to look at this one way it's funny cuz she running away from the weave and it's just weave but two and I want to say this to you guys the second part about this that's the problem is that's fuckin torture y'all do know that that's torture right that's that's torture you're traumatizing this child for what reason and how many of y'all have noticed and I'm not even trying to be funny ever since I was little I've noticed that black women get a kick out of their children being traumatized someone tell me if I'm lying someone tell me if I'm lying this is why most black children grow up to traumatize other people because most of us were traumatized as children most of us had if you were scared of a movie they'd turn it on when you walked by the adjacent don't get you Jason go get you the boogeyman in the closet somebody tell me I'm lying go on tell me a life justbe giggling at your kid being traumatized getting that you're scared being afraid who does this like women do it you said daddy's true they made but we don't have too many daddies around so I don't know but even when you say daddies do it remember where they got it from they were raised in households where this is normal they were raised in a household where this is funny to laugh at other people's penny why do you think we get on YouTube and do it why do you think we get on YouTube and expose people every day what did that guy say mister why you put my daughter's picture up is the one who said he's trying to make me kill myself do y'all not remember that mr. Gary garish actually wrote when she was making videos about me he openly shared and shot of his comment section that he is trying to make me kill myself that's what he said a man I don't know it all said that he's trying to make me kill myself now all of a sudden I'm wrong for going back at him ain't that a bitch the guy sent me something else let's take a look at that too

43 thoughts on “Mothers Sit Around Laughing At This Little Girl In Fear… Do You Find This Funny?

  1. There a couple of things that peak my bulldog out like crazy….I find it funny for 10 secs then remove it….I dont sit there laughing for minutes and thats for a fucking dog…That being said i treat my dog better than 97% of black women treat their children so its par for the course i suppose…smh

  2. Allowing a child to be traumatized while you laugh… is EVIL. No wonder Blacks raised by these… welfare moms are in crisis.

  3. WTF??? Thats not funny, to traumatize your child!! Oh my God my heart breaks for this little girl 😭💔 As parents we are our children's protectors and 1st line of defense! Our job is not to scare them & traumatize them! Smdh so sad…..

  4. This is the same as me kicking down your door, sticking a gun in your face n saying "Its just a prank bro!"

  5. What the hell?? It’s a little funny but after a few seconds of you seeing her cry take the shit off. Trauma starts young.

  6. This is not funny at all if that was my child and I came home and that shit was going on I would’ve lost it

  7. I always look at the bright side of things..the only good thing about this video is that she wasn't aborted! These black b**** abort babies like they getting their nails done. Poor kid.

  8. My sisters did the same to me, with a fuzzy pipe cleaner, then scratch me with the wire inside. Pre school it freaked me out.


  10. That's a weave? Omg I thought it was a starving snake. That thing would have had me running to at first glance. She's like 3 years old c'mon now.

  11. Yeah very funny ha mom. But when that man got you in corner slapping the hell out of you and you trying to get away. It's not funny then ha

  12. Why would you torment your child like that. This kid is not 10 years old. Do you hear the scream coming from this baby's mouth and all you can do is just laugh. you b**** are sick

  13. I just saw the news of a group of teen black girls tricking a disabled girl out just to beat her up and recorded it. It happened in Chicago.

  14. I'm 40 years old and I can still remember my parents traumatizing me as a 2-3 year old. We went to Disney Land, there's that haunted mansion there. I didn't want to go, made it clear, I still remember that as clear as if it were yesterday. They dragged me in anyway. After that all I recall was being terrified and screaming atop my lungs out of fear. In the end they were all mad at me for ruining the ride for them. Well excuse me I was 2-3 years old. But that's what parents seem to like to do. My folks are white. So it isn't just black people who do this shit to their kids and then wonder why they turn out screwed up.

  15. Isn’t it sad that the poor first little girl knows her mother wouldn’t help her! That was just torcher!

  16. The hood hoe hyena is just training her bastard young for the ghetto Serengeti. Like a nature show but with ghetto hoes

  17. Wow!! That was just awful. I actually thought it was a snake at first. Poor child is traumatized. It's not funny at ALL, especially to the baby. She is terrified. Everything for clicks and likes. SIGH.

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