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24 thoughts on “Mrs and Mrs Announcement!

  1. Tilly is bloomin' gorgeous! Congratlations on your new addition…looking forward to more videos with her in it 🙂 x

  2. Does Tilly also have one of those preposterously long breeding names?

    Tillignatius Cotton Bud the Second of House Kenneleigh.

  3. You family is perfect. But with a new pet dog (cutie Tilly), it has become picture perfect. Congratulations to both of you
    and yeah for sure become Walter bff (finger cross).. 🙂

  4. New subscriber. You two are adorable. I've binge watched about 5 videos so far. can't wait to watch more.

  5. i'm 21 but i look like i'm 14…so if i ever try anything that i have to be over 18 or 21 to get into NOBODY is gonna believe me….YAY

  6. I came across you guys when searching for a laksa recipe. You are such a cute couple and so funny. Brightened up my day. Hi from NZ.

  7. How about a video on the practical side of combining households? Like how do you combine finances and who pays bills and makes the investments, etc? There must be things to consider when you marry & one is on a fixed income etc.

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