Laughter is the Best Medicine

MSIA | John-Roger on How Laughter Can Heal You

Just recently I was undergoing some very serious illnesses that were supposedly gonna take me off the planet even though I was already off I think it was trying to put my body in the ground and when I got up and was able to move around the most amazing thing started happening the people I’d be working with they’d do anything I just bust out into hilarious gales of laughter and it would just discombobulated me, I would say that I couldn’t say stop I just go like this and tears and laughing and I’d fall and of course the weaker I got the stronger they came at me. And the stronger they came the more I laughed. Now I don’t know if you know that but when you’re laughing real hard if anybody hits you they can’t hurt you. Well next time somebody goes to hit you just get into that place where you’re laughing not only that I got laughing so hard I got them laughing and rendered them vulnerable also but that laughter had such a depth of love and a sense of deepness inside of me that started removing the constrictions that were placed in my body. Started just ripping things loose. At the same time it was also healing the underlying illness. It was remarkable: love reduced me to laughter to tears and then picked me up again.

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  1. hola, quería consultar con uds, si es posible q los audios sean traducidos,es q lo no hablamos ingles nos quedamos esperando,no sabemos q dice JR

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