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22 thoughts on “Mueller Disaster! Stephen Colbert Owned by Chris Wallace on Late Show (Laughing Man & Shapiro React)

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  2. Mueller didn’t write a single word of that report. I doubt he even read it before the hearing! Not knowing who Fusion GPS is was a Kodak moment LOL! The look on his face, definite palm slap to the forehead moment. 😂

  3. that corebear dude = not entertainment, only waste of airtime (not mine tho)
    Why is No one genuinely Funny anymore?

  4. I love it….but Colbert you moron….you backed Mueller and the fake investigations based on accusations. What … you don't agree???? Then ask yourself this one question…..did Trump Hack the Election? Did anyone hack the election…which means that someone did hack the voting machines. But the told us that DID NOT Happen. What did happen. The democratic committees computer was hacked or more specifically one of Hillary's team. That was never HACKING an election, that was hacking a single computer !!! Grow up people. Fact is that IF TRUMP ever investigated Hillary and the money that rolled through her accounts and that of her foundation she might have some issues and in kind so would a lot of other people connected to them. Conspiracy…., yeah right….who is hiding and turning the investigators in the wrong direction and you my friend are the pawns. This whole joke was about hacking a SINGLE computer not tied to the government. And you bought it. So….tell me where I'm wrong. Losers like Colbert are part of the problem because he tells you what you want to hear instead of the truth and he gets paid for it. Sucker.

  5. Wallace bitch-slapped the denial right out of Colbert. I'm surprised the liberal crowd didn't boo him for it.

  6. So Coby Bear, does CNN lie about Trump for 2 plus years without proof? Colbert must have soiled his pants at the Mueller disaster… but the paychecks just keep on comin' in… Is there such a thing as a bonus when engaged to lie in the workplace at CNN? Hahaha….The deplorable ethics and dishonest yellow journalism must be covered up at all costs; no matter how absurd the coverup makes you look.It's quite amusing to behold.

  7. Well Fox news…I should say DISNEY news is going left….as 2020 approaches……you will see more and more anti Trump..bad conservatives..etc….

  8. Hilarious and done with the comic relief only you have the brilliance to deliver. I’ve watched more sites and supposedly news outlets on your post only because of your talent to make them bearable

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