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7 thoughts on “Mueller jokes about members of Congress lying

  1. Lying UNDER OATH is a crime which is why so many Trump lackies refused to be sworn in. Trump refused himself.

  2. Trump – just like Nixon – claimed a president can break the law. See how that turned out? Republicans are a JOKE and have no right to EVER claim patriotism after this latest mess.

  3. These people say that no one is above the law. At the same time as they say "anyone else would be charged with a crime " it appears to be that some who can't be charged with a crime because of their position would be above the law.

  4. If no one is above the law, why then does this republican party continuously cover for trumps crimes and blow them off as " the new norm "? Disgusting

  5. Purpose was to get dirt on Clinton, Veselnitskaya didn't bring any with her and instead focused on Russia's halt in the U.S. adoption of Russian children in retaliation for sanctions

  6. And refused to answer the case if Andrew Weismann, and his prosecution of innocent actions that was decided by the Supreme Court.

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