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45 thoughts on “Mulan – "You Found The Hun Army" (Shan Yu's Nordic One Line Multilanguage)

  1. Here's the mongolian version:
    Shan yu: Sain ajillaa noydoo, ta nar hunnu gurnii tserguudiig olloo.
    Soldier1: Ezen khaan chamaig zogsooh bolno
    Shan yu: Mm nmaig zogsoono? khaan chini namaig urisiin. Hana barisnaaraa ter minii huch chadliig tavlalaa. Harin bi end tuunii togloomoor toglohoor ircheed baina. Aliv Yvtsgaa, ter ezen khaandaa hamgiin huchtei tsergee yvuul gej hel. Bi belen… hmm Ingehed ilch hurgehed heden hun heregtei bile?
    Archer: gants…

  2. Swedish one was definetly the most intimidating one. Not to say that all the others would make your bowls turn to water

  3. I prefer the Swedish version, not just because I grew up with that version. But the Swedish Shanyu sounds so damn evil and like he could stab you in the back just because he feels like it. The others don't have that feeling, so to say. Not according to me at least. Shanyu always freaked me out as a kid and I can still get goosebumps by the Swedish Shanyu.

  4. I'm always surprised how well Swedish sounds, for some reason. Even the Finnish dub, if not really so evil sounding as maybe it should've sounded, at least makes Shanyu sound like if you turned your back he'd behead you and walk away. Well done for all of them!

  5. I'm always so proud of the Nordic dubs because they're almost inevitably so well made. Swedish stands positively out of the bunch (he was in the latest Hobbit, right?) but I love Finnish and Norwegian as well 🙂

  6. All the voices are pretty good my ranking would be 1. Danish 2. Swedish 3. Finnish 4. Icelandic 5. Norwegian

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