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Multi-Female • “As a lesbian…supporter.” [HUMOR]

How long do you think they can hold her off for? I’d give it about five seconds. Ten, at least. She’s way too polite. Mrs Antilly, I am sure Hillary is awesome but- If we’re going to be great friends you should probably know my name is Hannah. I’m sorry, who are you again? What did I call you? Hillary… And that’s not your name? I’m Sarah, I’m your clone. It’s Keira to your mom. Keira! And Kara, to literally everyone else on the planet. Where’s my chair? You don’t get a chair, Ponytail. Are there any students named Hillary, we can set up with Jennifer? Jessica. Right… sorry, Jezebel. No problem, Harriet. Ready Randy? Ready Joan. Hey… Joanne. Hazel… Hey. You have to play Rachel. Aw! Piss off! How can a woman possibly fight in this? I’ll make him die in ways he can’t even imagine. That’s not what you’re wearing though is it? That probably would have sounded more commanding if I wasn’t wearing my yummy sushi pyjamas. It doesn’t go with the outfit. Because it’s ugly. It’s itchy. I’m not wearing that either. It’s choking me. Can’t say I blame it. I’m not flying around saving people in this thing. The only place anyone is wearing that is trick-or-treating or a some kind of kinky role playing scenario. Really… Specs? And suddenly she’s not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Like first of all, my tits are way bigger. You grew out your… Hair… And secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair she’s like a seven on a good day, and I’ve been told I’m a ten. Hey… you look like my sister. Boy, you’re bossy- Boy you’re a pain- Do you think we’re…? Sisters? Rachel Duncan Uber-bitch. You’re gay… My sexuality not the most interesting thing about me. You’re a lesbian, not a unicorn right? I didn’t know you were into girls? I’m not… What? What…? You’re making fun of me. Oh, so you live with another woman. As a lesbian… Supporter. Oh-oh, it’s not a-a gay thing. You brought back-up? She sent for back-up, I didn’t send of back-up! Yeah… What? Look around the corner. Oh… oh. Security? No. Metal detectors? Nada. Well why did I just climb through the window? This time we play it my way. I just thought I’d drop in. Get it? Drop in? Put that away! What? I’m helping. I am a woman with x-ray vision! Ummmm…. how are you get to have sex… With yourself. Oh! No please! I think I need to keep drinking for awhile. Wooo! It is another beautiful day in National City, and the Girl of Steel is ready to take on the World! Bring it on What have you got for me? I really, really want you to give me a case any case. It’s like somebody slipped law abiding serum into the reservoir. Cannibal psychiatrist! Scorpion Shih-tzu hybrid! Did somebody do that? Is that illegal? I could stop them. Take a day off. Boo! Okay… Well what am I supposed to do? Did that go well? Uh, yes… yes.

100 thoughts on “Multi-Female • “As a lesbian…supporter.” [HUMOR]

  1. I think you should've put the whole scenes in it, not just single sentences. this way it's way less funny if even funny at all (for someone who doesn't know the whole scenes)

  2. Hahahaha i came here for Melissa & Tat lol but found everything super cute even if I’m not in on the jokes of few others. Gonna check out these shows lol 😂

  3. Must have taken forever to find and edit these clips together. I will never enough patience to do what you do

  4. I love them all but my favorite are supergirl orphan black wonderwoman wynonna earp 💓💓💓💓💓

  5. I'm sorry but supergirl bored because she can't save anyone ? bitch just fly to a deserted island !! and go have fun on a beach !! xD

  6. 1:45 Wayhaught is my everything! Every time I see that clip I'm compelled to yell out, "She is too a unicorn! YOUR unicorn!"

  7. wynonna earps is so underrated 💔 they deserved more more and more !!!! wayhaughtttttt is totally the endgame 😭

  8. Hi I love these videos but I wish that you could put the name of the show in one of the coners so that everyone can know which scene is which xx

  9. Like really, Joanne, hazel, everytime they meet with new name 👌😁😁😁😁btw what's the name of the show

  10. I watched that like 1 Million times but… The scene where Kara says : What am I supposed to do then? I just screamed : Lena!!! My Brain is better than I thought 😅

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