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Multifandom #CRACK

goodbye my lover goodbye my friend you have been the one you have been the one for me bitch well this is awkward mother coming in to mate with you blah blah blah and it you look like a peony in the back with the jacket the suit buddy it’s okay a few moments later my Austin I’m in a jam out with your blah blah blah zip it up like I’ve had in the back with the jacket is you coming at him out with your blah blah blah zip up like a bunny in the back with the jacket I believe I can Magnus leave this wedding now Harris this is between me and your son I’ll leave if he asked me to intense I can’t do this right now I’m sorry yeah seriously come with me we’ll fight Valentine the right way together I’m begging you my parabatai my brother please Alec come with me no don’t bury me don’t let me down don’t say it’s over cuz that would send me under okay if we just get rid of the body this Monday means nothing means nothing over my dead body Josh oh my god I’m gonna die Mike are you – no Oh my I believe I believe I’m here there’s something on your face it was pain coming into Mount with your blah blah blah shut up usually you have a little bit more of a flourish to it I do not look like that well doctor I think I might be a homosexual how can you tell ray if I ever did that I think I’d have a heart to us to us playing hard to get playing hard to get I love a challenge I love a challenge you lose your breath every time I can’t breathe I understood that reference I have loved you since we were 18 long before we both thought the same thing that’s love bitch remind me what my place at least there it’s not in the morning oh it’s happy hour so normally I love a dirty layer but this one is just sloppy you talk dirty to me – y’all

71 thoughts on “Multifandom #CRACK

  1. Мой английский кое-где дал по тормозам, но 80% я поняла)) Отлично получилось!!!

  2. Можно поинтересоваться, как называется песня с 2:26? Когда Джейс и Алек разговоривают

  3. Lol I enjoyed this because I'm a part of all these fandoms (yes, I have no life) and please make more your work is absolutely amazing!

  4. I watched this video before i was a shadowhunters fan and honestly at the malec kiss scene i thought that THEY were getting married haha i wish, not complaining tho

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