Laughter is the Best Medicine

Multifandom Humor- Se Torno a Chiederti una Moneta, tu Sparami!

i wanted to apologize in advance for chasing you on the street who is this hobbit? listen to me brother you re a damned psychopath a sociopathic hyperactive i’m listening with your number sheldon! do you want new experiences? exact can you answer a few questions without the solute degree of sarcasm? do you have a second? i had it but it’s already gone. What do you want? if you can do it without the usual degree of stupidity how it was? it hurts do it again you could kill him. Come on i’m kidding mother omg i’m ugliest than death do you come here often? i work here maybe we can.. Damon i’m almost naked. go out Caroline nobody cares. No! i’m sorry what are you doing? i spilled hot milk on you believe me i didn’t want to. Oh no you too! tell me it isn’t a bomb ok it’s a kitten i’m sorry. Today i’m so clumsy ad adorable explosive kitten i’m Stiles mighty handshake if i go back to asking you for money, shoot me 17 we need to talk we can talk 17! me and her, idiot you can talk 17 hundreds? hey you are alive ok bye you’re afraid Eva i would kill you Eva 17 thousands? it was all in the past can we take a picture? no oh come on. The answer is yes i said no what? Noooo i will arrest you if you kiss her i’m surrounded by idiot i could kill you with that crap aim? Gwen Artù *too much enthusiasm* but really someone who comes to the mountains puts on high shoes with heels? Luke you seem to come out of the movie “the mummy” if you weren’t a idiot, you would understand it what would i be? * omg did i say it out loud?* i won’t watch the notebook again do you have the notebook? silence you thought, it’s annoying her parents are dead what? Jerry! took off your shirt Elena there are the kids i’ve worked with a wonderful team what an idiot but not this. Goodbye darling no need to be offensive no panic! i killed people you were a doctor i had bad days i despise your person on a molecular level i hide a certain dose of ambiguity i’ve already been told and i’m working on it continue to keep it hidden call the police yes come here done for God come here and take forgiveness do you want me to torture him? you don’t have to torture him i can do it you’re dead

11 thoughts on “Multifandom Humor- Se Torno a Chiederti una Moneta, tu Sparami!

  1. Sapresti dirmi il nome per favore delle serie al minuto 0:36 e 2:32 ?? Comunque complimenti per il video bellissimo 😘

  2. Ciaoo bellissimi edit però come fai a prendere queste clip di film serie e metterle nei video???? pleaseeeeee rispondimi ps ti adoro

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