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multiLGBT+ HUMOR || happy dating!

Right I will now fill one minute and zero seconds of questions pertaining to this, go Amy I kissed a girl And you liked it! You liked it! And I liked it! Shit, you guys! I’ve never had straight friends before! I thought maybe we could sign up for Grindr together You don’t know what Grindr is, do you? I have met someone What’s his name? It’s a woman Yes, of course it’s a woman! What made you decide to tell us now? Charles found out on the road trip and I was positive he was not gonna be able to keep it secret for much longer Bye Rosa I mean not bi, but bye! I mean see ya, I mean have fun just banging dudes, left and right! Okay so, uh, what is it? Am I gay or did my dick fall off? Your dick fell off. So, have fun. With what?! Your date. What date?! This one. Oh my god-! Everyone always told me I was flamming Did you kiss him? Sam! Just wondering. NO! ahem. Why’d you take a picture? Everybody out! Even the kids! I can’t fight this anymore, go to the nice party! I… assumed you’d been together for years. (TODD!)! Why would you think that?! Todd!!! Right, no. We just met, and I hate him. I get it! What?! What? Alec just say it, you’ll feel better. You’re in love with Jace Forget, I’m not… /You’re/ in love with Jace! Oh, okay. I have very strict rules about man Did you date me because you think I look like a guy? No. You know, I actually Oh! Oh, okay. Thanks! You’re welcome. I’m a closeted lesbian AND a judgmental bitch, which means one thing: I have awesome gaydar! All you need to do is put her down in about a half hour and not let a a serial killer in trough the front door. What if he’s cute? Well, then He and I are exactly the same except that I’m younger, Cuban, female, single and straight. Captain Holt’s not gay. I’ve been informed you’re Panto’s boyfriend and as I ALWAYS say, any boyfriend of panto’s is someone I might meet in another dimension. I just assume that pretty much everyone except to taste at this point. I guess That’s not… Martha, this is talent… C’mon! We can all have a good flirt later! That a promise, Doctor? Now, move! What is the problem Lito?! Problem is, honey that you don’t have a c*ck.

100 thoughts on “multiLGBT+ HUMOR || happy dating!

  1. "Problem is honey, that you don't have a cock"
    If I was her: check my night stand.

  2. Alec cant fall ib love with Jace. Jace is his Parabati and if he is in love with him the parabati curse could kill him, thankyou Magnaus Bane

  3. :Just put her down for about half an hour and don't let a serial killer in through the front door"
    "But what if he's cute"
    "Then save him for us"

  4. John:"I'm not gay"
    Me:"no you're a closeted bisexual"

    Little more into the video and I get crobby woah my little fangirl heart

  5. No one gives a shit about lesbians. Not on screen nor in real life.
    Fans will blankly watch the tv when seeing two girls making out. But if they see two dudes just simply staring at the each other, it’s immediately #shipit

  6. Can anyone tell me what the show is from 2:02? I’ve seen some clips but I don’t know the name of it and it seems pretty interesting.

  7. Dad: I thought maybe we could sign up for grindr together
    Simon: You dont know what grindr is do you?
    Dad: It’s Facebook for gay people
    Simon: o_O ? not what it is

    I’ve been laughing for the past 5 minutes

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