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multiLGBT+ HUMOR || lesbian lover day

I guess I have to start kissing some
lesbians Or you can just start by…. You know why tonight’s fun? Because everyone is so gay Everyone is just who they are, and who they are is just There’s father’s day, there’s mother’s day! There’s no….. Lesbian lover day! I just… I do what most lesbians do, just star at women hungrily and pray somebody else will make the first move I spent all that time trying to get through to you Dean calls once and now it’s “hello” So… what, you… you like him better or
something? Dean and I do share a I wasn’t gonna mention it! Wait are you holding his hand?!
– Yeah Why are you holding your hand while you’re kissing me?! What’s wrong with that?! I feel like I might as
well have a big neon sign above my head that says gay di-di gay gay gay I mean
you’ll need a long extension cord but You have to just let nature take
its course just like this webcam I’ve been watching it’s a live stream of wild
otters I forget, is it the small hairy man or the tall not hairy man? Small hairy, but these are actual otters, look She wants everybody that thinks she’s
such a perfect princess just ’cause she’s tall and glamorous and has cappuccino
skin and curves everywhere and kind of turned on You know you two are the perfect example of why You’re a gay guy So are you! hmmmm I’m gender-fluid Is it? I don’t know Hey hey hey hey! No no no no! Let them kiss, you monster! Motorcycles are dead machines! I have three kids, I’m not risking it! Are you saying… my life matters less because I don’t conform to society’s
heteronormative child-centric ideals Are you really playing the gay card right now?!

100 thoughts on “multiLGBT+ HUMOR || lesbian lover day

  1. "Are You Really Playing A Gay Card Right Now?"

    "Yas Queen"


    On That Day Half The Universe Became Gay, It Was Called The Gay Snap.

  2. from which series is the vid, where the one guy is holding the hand of a guy and is kissing with a girl?

  3. "You you two are the perfect example of why straight people shouldn't be allowed to breed" 😂 I love Conner

  4. I Love your channel a lot, been binge watching all of your videos!😊
    Sorry for my bad grammar lol

  5. “NO NO NO LET THEM KISS YOU MONSTER!” – me and my bisexual sister whenever writers try to mess with the gay kiss.

  6. Eleanor's description of Tahani made a super Tahani fan (you know if her appearance in first episode didn't do the job.) 😍💖🌈

  7. 0:34 That's not what every lesbian does. That's what a desperate lesbian with no social skills does.

  8. 1:02 oh yeah I was wondering why that hat looked familiar Kurt wore it during the summer nights performance in season 3

  9. "Guess I have to start kissing some lesbians". Yep. That's how you make a great intro for a video

    And finish it with "Are you really playing the gay card right now? Yas queen" omfl

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