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MULTIQUEER HUMOR || oh shoot, now I’m gay

Hi, I’m Lily. Who thinks it’s a good idea to greet my latino veteran dad with You’ll finally have something in common! Go find some girls, get into trouble, live a little! Found a new pair of underwear in the bushes. boys He’s not my type. You’re gonna have to play through that. As in, Alright, alright! there’s a few too many people in this room and there’s about to be one more Those people are starring at me Let me ask you Jane Austen, amazing writer brilliant comic observer and strictly amongst ourselves I’m the hot girl. Man, nothing get’s past those teen werewolf senses Maya… No, we’ll just care for them in a different way. What different way? You know who you remind me of? Yess!!! Probably a chap with a big- Wait, Scott! You didn’t- Am I attractive to gay gu- Be as straight as you can be. I also gotta say, this new found heroism is making me very attracted to you. Good evening. I’m a lizard from the down of time and this is my wife.

100 thoughts on “MULTIQUEER HUMOR || oh shoot, now I’m gay

  1. Lizard: “Hello, I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time”

    Me: “ uh-uh. Go, shoo, get outa here with that crap.”

    Lizard: “And this is my wife.

    Me: “In that case come right in.”

  2. 1: 05"Jane Austin" I've heard that name and that woman is dead and smiles creepily but is commonly known through out the teachers in my school

  3. Ry: Maya… What if we don't care about our boyfriends as much as we care about each other?

    Maya: we'll just care about them in diff way.

    Ry: What different way?

    Maya: LESS😂😂
    (thats sooo mee)

  4. The hardest part about being gay is complimenting someone and them automatically assuming your being gay for them YOU JUST LOOK NICE SO TAKE 5E COMPLIMENT AND GO unless I was actually being gay then…. Ive fucked up…

  5. "What different way?"
    "Less" MOOD

    Also, I wish I was the girl surrounded by guys. I'm gay trans male and no guys talk to me because I'm classified as the "weird girl" at school. But tons of girls like me and everyone thinks I'm Bi but I can't explain to any girls why I don't want to date them. I got into a relationship on Friday and I told her I was trans yesterday. She's kinda okay with it but then we had a huge fight because she accused me of loving my ex. WE'RE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. I don't think I'll know who I love any time soon.

  6. what is TW and I wanna watch the show with the guy who asked if he’s attractive to gay guys. someone help

  7. I wonder what she was screaming at, the lizard part or the lesbian part, either way, I’d kick her ass

  8. "what different way?"
    i cannot believe disney channel tried to convince us that that was heterosexual

  9. “I found a pair of underwear”
    “Boys or girls?”

    It be like that sometimes

  10. Just want to point out Clara Oswald went to the 18th century and just made out with Jane Austin and none of us have any context of this situation

  11. There was this show, i forget the name, but rami malek played this no chill gay character and i think itd be perfect for these things

  12. I know it's not to be taken this way but I laughed SO HARD at this happening, the implications of her starting to scream AFTER the '….and this is my wife.' Like, 'lizard woman, weird, but ok, not worthy of a scream right as I open the door…..but a lizard woman with a WIFE?! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH THE HORROR!!!' lmao OML

  13. 1:04 CLARAAAAAAA!!! 🙏

    1:47 RIVEEEERRRRRR!!! 🙏


  14. Felicia Day's character was probably the one I fell in love with and then finding out she was into girls just made it 100% better. I loved Charlie so much.

  15. That last women gives a new meaning to homophobic. Get it cuz she screamed in fright. Phobia…? I'll see myself out

  16. Umm jus wanna say, I've really been waiting for someone to also see the Riley and Maya ship.😊💜

  17. The best thing I ever heard was in the swim team locker room “aw fuck I broke my arm now I’m gay”

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