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Muse – Matt’s funny quotes (with the videos)

-Do you know Disney on ice ? It’s like Disney,
but on ice. And hmm… -Funny isn’t it ? – Yes ! And we’ll pray that there’s no god -We were hanging out from the ceiling and they dropped us toward the ground really fast and there was a crash-mat just in case -Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible”
– Yeah yeah exactly like that ! I haven’t seen that film… But yes, it was like that It is the conflict between evolution and devolution
and the conflict between the future and the past, and good and evil. Fascism and communism.
It’s the difference between the two extremes. That’s what emotion is. Hey you crazy kids ! If someone says like : “Oh you’re a skinny,
pretentious, wanker” you know, I can go : “Fair enough, I am” ! Come and watch Muse playing ’cause you don’t
know what’s gonna happen. I could die, my head could blow up, I could kill Dom or I
could like get naked and f*ck Chris. Who knows ? Anything can happen, just come and watch, you never
know. -Have you ever stole anything ? That’s a random
question from “psycho”. -Yeah yeah I think so. Yeah I stole a doublebass
! – You stole it from school ?
– Yeah – It’s bad… I don’t know, I think, I think it’s quite
a pleasurable experience to have no shame, you know ? Of yourself. I think it’s nice to just expose
yourself and to not be embarassed you know. I think it’s a good thing.Let’s all just get
naked ! I like get naked. I like get naked and just
feeling a little bit, you know, free. – A couple of hardcore fans… They came dressed
up as gas men and came in my flat. – So what did you do ? – I booted them out you know ? I said : “Buy
my next album, cheers ! ” – What kind of effect do you think you music will
have on My Chemical Romance’s fans ? – You know, it takes them to a higher level. Sometimes it gets a bit milky and lost in
the wind. Like a fart in the wind. -You know you develop a kind of -what do you
call it- a closeness with a person of the opposite sex, it can, it can develop… – Are you talking about love ? – Yeah, maybe ! No I can’t ! I can’t do it… I used to get pen and draw like my veins. I thought I would get a tattoo but my mum said “no, no way.” And…So you know I respected the body she made
by not doing that. -Plug in baby, I read that you said that it was about… That it was about if you could genetically modify a puppy and stop it from growing up. You said that
! -I said a lot of things… I say a lot of things… I remember thinking… I think you know. So
I think. I think maybe. So I think yeah. Well, I think really. I think. I think I don’t know,
I think. So I think I think something… I never really thought. I think that… I think.
Yes, definitely I think ! Well you know I think that hm I think. I think I think So
I think. I think I think I think I think a lot ! Hm let me think let me think ! Hmm let me
think ! I think I think so I think you know I think
that I think and also I think I think I think I think
Don’t have to think about things I think I think . I think I think hmm I think I think that hm…
Let me think ! I think I think that something is quite unsual. And and sometimes I think
I ffff I … And I think I think I think . You know, something ! I don’t know, I don’t know…

31 thoughts on “Muse – Matt’s funny quotes (with the videos)

  1. I think I think I smell a stink
    I think I think I do
    I think I think I smell a stink
    and I think it comes from YOU!!😆😆

  2. Matt: If you develop a kind of uh… What do you callit it? Closeness with a person of the opposite sex it can, it can uh… Develop
    Dom: Are you talking about love?
    Matt: yeah well… maybe
    How was that so cute I don't understand sdkjafhdsfljkfgdfg

    Actually, does anyone know where that clip is from and where I can find the full version? I've definitely seen other snippets of it (I recognise Dom's 'gay' trousers), but I don't know what it's from originally.

  3. Thank you so much for the French subtitles!
    I can understand English but sometimes it's difficult because Matt speak fast😂😂

  4. ''I thought he was gay'' becomes ''j'ai cru qu'il était pd" pd is basically the equivalent of faggot for french ppl.

    (btw sry i cant spell for shit)

  5. I love Matt’s firsts thoughts of Dom and Chris and when Dom asks if Matt’s talking about love and Matt says well maybe and then Dom says aw

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